Air Assist

Laser software for galvo marking lasers

Due to the highly unique properties of all materials, each one will react differently to laser processing. During the laser cutting and laser engraving process, the flow of compressed air can improve and influence the results quite significantly. Additionally, the Air Assist feature shields the lens by protecting it from any damage that can occur from dust adhering to it, and the JobControl Software will control the Air Assist by automatically switching it on or off. Furthermore, Trotec laser systems that are delivered directly from the factory will have both the Air Assist and pump already integrated within the enclosure. Many Trotec laser systems will come furnished with the Air Assist feature, and all that is additionally required is a connection to an external compressor.

The following Trotec laser machines are available with the Air Assist:

Air assist without pump Air assist with pump
Speedy 100 Option Option
Speedy 100 fiber Standard Option
Speedy 100 flexx Standard Option
Speedy 300 Standard Option
Speedy 300 fiber Standard Option
Speedy 300 flexx Standard Option
Speedy 400 Standard Option
Speedy 400 fiber Standard Option
Speedy 400 flexx Standard Option
SP500 Standard
SP1500 Standard
SP2000 Standard
SP3000 Standard
Laserati Standard



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