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CorelDraw guide: From image to cutting path

Follow our video instructions and create your desired skyline

To create the skyline, use CorelDraw or your preferred graphics software to import the desired image. Make sure to select an image with the appropriate resolution to achieve the best possible engraving results. For example, detailed graphics will require a high-resolution image to achieve good clarity, otherwise the appearance will be pixelated or blurry when zoomed in on.

Once the image has been imported, the image plane should be locked to avoid shifting. Next, using the pen tool, draw the city outline and ensure that all lines are drawn straight. Subsequently, the singular segments can be transformed into curves and matched to the rounding of the pattern.

Lastly, the image plane can be unlocked and removed, and the completed artwork is now available for use with a variety of other applications.

For more information on which graphics programs are compatible with your Trotec laser:

Compatible graphics software

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