laser cut table decoration

Felt Table

Step by step guide

Get in the mood for spring by decorating your table with laser cut butterfly napkin rings and flower cutlery bags! With these cheery table top decorations the spring mood will stay in your home... Even during rainy days!


Required material:

4 mm polyester felt in two colors

Used Trotec Laser:

  • Speedy 400
  • 40 watts
  • 2 inch lens

Step by Step

Step 1:

Open the file "Spring" in your favorite graphics program and send it to the laser. Laser parameters may vary depending on the machine used and the laser power available... The seetings below are for a 40W Trotec laser system. 

Black Lines (engraving)

Power: 60 %, Speed: 50 %, Resolution: 500 dpi, air assist on 

Red Lines (cutting):

Power: 60 %, Speed 1.1 %, Frequency 1000 Hz, air assist on, correction 20

Step 2:

Assemble the parts. The table decoration is designed to fit perfectly without adhesive.


  • Use a 2 inch lens.
  • We suggest to use polyester felt for clean cutting edges and great engraving results.
  • Using a honeycomb table prevents the felt rub off on the processing table.

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