TroWood Veneer Green Line

Crafted by nature, enhanced for laser processing

Advantages of our TroWood Veneer

Sustainable sourcing

We carefully select partners whose wood materials are sourced from nearby, well-managed forests and controlled sources. By prioritizing regional suppliers, we minimize transportation distances, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the local economy.

Unmatched handcrafted excellence

As a natural material, wood features infinitely variable properties, requiring constant quality control at every stage of processing. These processes rely on the experience of human senses to guarantee the typical high-quality end products we are known for.

Enhanced for laser processing

Local experts cut materials to size and apply an eco-friendly water-based finish. This optimizes the material for laser processing and enhances durability.

Formaldehyde-free materials

Formaldehyde-free wood materials improve indoor air quality by eliminating VOC emissions, prioritizing health and safety for both workers and users. They minimize risks associated with formaldehyde exposure, preventing respiratory irritation, allergic reactions, and long-term health issues for both workers and users.

The journey from the forest to your laser

Our veneered wood range offers sustainable premium products for laser process and mechanical engraving. Quality and sustainability of our materials go hand in hand. Embark on a journey from tree to the veneered wood panel, allowing you to achieve perfect laser results. It is an expedition that does not take you far away. Thanks to local raw materials and partners. Though, it might be even more interesting and with more manual work involved than expected.

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Wood sourcing with a lineage

Our supplier can prove exactly where our wood comes from. They respect the potential of each log and let it become what it is best suited for. However, this process requires ample time for maturation. In steaming pits, the round logs are specifically prepared for their subsequent processing, depending on the type of wood.

From log to veneer

During following debarking and slicing with subsequent drying, raw veneers are produced. In this step, the highest quality and most homogenous parts are selected for the final veneered wood panels, specific for the highest Trotec standards. This first sorting needs to be done manually by professionals, on whose expertise the quality of the final product depends.

From veneer to perfection

The assembling of individual strips into a continuous veneer pattern requires a trained eye and handling experience. This process creates an optically harmonious product, meticulously hand-picked and fabricated with modern machinery, which is then re-inspected and perfected as needed.

From veneer surface to veneered wood panel

The veneer panels are applied to high-quality, formaldehyde-free MDF by another local team of experts, then sanded and finished with a water-based, environmentally friendly varnish. Further quality control and sorting out of inhomogeneous parts is included. Like this, the veneered wood panels are optimally prepared for laser processing with a lasting high-quality appearance.

Empowering sustainability

At Trotec Materials, we take immense pride in sourcing our high-quality, regionally crafted veneered wood using a process that embodies sustainability and incorporates a significant amount of manual work. We believe in delivering products that not only meet the highest standards of excellence but also leave a positive impact on the environment and support local communities.

Discover our TroWood Veneer range

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