Laser engraving promotional items

for ink pens, USB sticks, Zippos®, key chains and much more

ball pen laser engraved

Materials suitable for laser engraving

Laser engraving can help you produce unique, high-quality promotional products that make a lasting impression with your customers. A Trotec laser system provides you with broad system capabilities that allow you to design advertising gifts that are individual and useful at the same time. Whether you are working with key chains, glasses, ball pens, USB sticks, or Zippo® lighters - with laser engraving you can easily personalize promotional items.

Trotec laser machines can process a broad array of materials with precision and speed. You can personalize items made of wood, acrylic, textiles or glass with a CO2 laser, or you can mark metals or plastics with our fiber lasers. Using a flexx laser, you can take efficiency to an even higher level by using both laser types to work with an even wider array of promotional items.

Materials suitable for laser engraving

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Textiles
  • Glass
  • Metal, e.g. aluminum
  • Plastic, e.g. polycarbonate, polyamide
  • Rubber


Watch video to see how ProMarker marking lasers make easy work of personalizing promotional items.

Application examples for promotional items


  • Ball pens
  • USB sticks
  • Key chain
  • Lighters
  • Electronic devices
  • Advertising gifts
  • Office products
office materials laser marking

Why should I buy a laser for engraving promotional items?

With a Trotec laser engraving machine, you can process a variety of materials with one system and get uniform results. Once the laser settings have been defined, the marking quality will always remain absolutely identical. You can save recurring jobs and materials in the materials database and to ensure that you achieve perfect, repeatable results for every new job. As a result, post-production is straightforward, whether your project involves series production or single pieces.

Function and advantages of laser technology

Economic production

  • Costs per marking are consistently low, no costs for plates or similar preparations
  • Increase margins thanks to low-cost customization options

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Speedy series: The fastest laser engravers available on the market with a maximum processing speed of 140 in/sec and an acceleration of 5 g

Maximum flexibility

  • A wide range of materials used in the promotional products industry can be processed with a single device without time-consuming preparatory works

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Speedy flexx series: Two laser sources in a single device - there is no need to manually change the laser source, lenses or focus.

Consistent quality

  • Recurring materials and job are stored in a materials database
  • Perfect results for every job
  • Uncomplicated post production

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • JobControl® laser software materials database

Simple digital manufacturing

  • Designs are created in your usual graphics program and simply sent to the printer via the printer command

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Intuitive JobControl® laser software

Non-contact processing

  • There is no need to painstakingly fixate the work piece in place
  • There is no pressure on the material, so the risk of damage is minimized

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Multifunctional table concept for easy handling
"I love my Trotec laser, it is dependable and can be used on so many materials, it has paid for itself right off the bat"
- Gary Bump - Beaudry Engraving -
"We have been using our Trotec laser for a very long time. We have never had any problems with it."
- Art - -
"Our Trotec is a great machine. It just runs and runs and runs."
- Bobby Haskin - Zip Specialities, Inc. -

Trotec product recommendation

Tips for engraving promotional items

Can metal be engraved with a CO2 laser, too?

The devices of the Speedy flexx series are equipped with a CO2 and a fiber laser. Use both laser sources in a single job without having to manually change the laser source, the lenses or the focus. The patented JobControl® laser software makes it possible: Simply assign the desired laser source to each color of the graphic.

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