Laser Cutting
Paper & Cardboard

Cutting, scribing, grooving and perforating with Trotec laser paper cutters

laser cutter for paper and cardboard

Paper is a great medium for laser. Using a laser, you can process paper, paperboard, and cardboard for digital printing, for packaging prototype construction, model making, or scrapbooking. In addition to increasing the quality and value of finished pieces, lasers offer benefits such as improved efficiency and expanded capabilities that open the door to new design options and set you apart from the competition.

Suitable materials:

Paper (fine or art paper, uncoated paper) up to 600 grams
Corrugated cardboard


Advantages of a Trotec laser

How does laser cutting and laser engraving of paper work?

The capabilities of a laser cutting system are unmatched. They can bring even the finest geometric designs to life, with high quality details far beyond the capability of a cutting plotter. You can also use a laser paper cutting system to effortlessly engrave logos and pictures.

Do I require special accessories for laser cutting of paper?

An optical detection system is a good idea if you want to refine your printed products. With our JobControl Vision camera system, the contours of printed materials are cut perfectly. No time-consuming positioning is required. Distortions in the impression are detected, and the cutting path is adapted dynamically. By combining the optical registration mark detection system with a laser cutting machine, you can save up to 30% in processing costs.

Does the paper burn during laser cutting?

Like wood, which has a similar chemical composition, paper is evaporated during laser processing. This is called sublimation. In the area of the cutting clearance, the paper escapes in gaseous form, which is visible in the form of smoke. This smoke transports the heat away from the paper, so the thermal load on the paper near the cutting clearance is relatively low. The material will have no smoke residue or burnt edges, even for the finest contours.

Do I have to fixate the material on the working surface?

No, not manually. To achieve optimal cutting results, we recommend the use of a vacuum table. The airflow from the vacuum table ensures that corrugated materials are positioned flat on the working table. The laser does not exert any pressure on the material during the process so clamping or any other type of fixation is not required. This saves time and money during the preparation of the material and prevents crushing of the material.

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