Laser Cutting of Paper & Plastics in Packaging Design

engraved paper packaging

Cut Packaging Materials Precisely with a Trotec Laser

Ideal for Prototype Construction & Production

Laser cutting, marking, and engraving machines from Trotec give users in the packaging design industry a unique solution that offers the detail, speed, and flexibility they need. From prototype construction to full production runs, the precision of a Trotec laser and capabilities of Trotec's JobControl software produce game changing solutions. For instance, by utilizing Trotec's JobControl Vision Software, users will achieve the perfect cut on pre-printed materials every time.

One laser machine, many materials

With a Trotec, your packaging will be more than just a punched cardboard box. Laser cutting, perforating, scoring, grooving, and/or carving gives you ultimate flexibility on the shape of your end product. Whether you are laser cutting paper, plastics, cardboard, foams, corrugated cardboard, or packaging films, Trotec's laser cutting machines are suited for your application.


laser engraved paper packaging

Why Trotec

Process a variety of materials with one versatile laser cutting machine

A laser cutting system offers owners the capability of processing a broad range of materials, from cutting cardboard, paperboard, plastics, films, foils and more. Additionally, processing foils and films with a laser system will result in perfectly sealed edges, and unlike other technology, a laser will not damage the finished product. Contours are delicately and fully worked to the finest detail with the laser beam, and corners remain undamaged- guaranteed.

Fast, efficient, and flexible

Laser cutting cardboard, paper or plastics creates new opportunities for unique packaging construction. Lasers systems are the ideal technology for processing fine and delicate materials such as packaging films or paper. This is possible since laser cutting is a contact-less and safe process where any material burning is in a controlled manner, and texture as well as color will be unaffected.

Durable and robust

Trotec laser systems are manufactured with a rugged design that is built to last over many years of intensive use. Our machines are made with only the highest quality components from leading manufacturers that ensure constant superior quality and reliability.

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