Lasers in Maker Spaces & Educational Settings

Digital Fabrication of 3D Models, Prototyping, Indistrial Design and DIY

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Laser Technology Offers Unmatched Potentials

Endless Applications for the Classroom

Lasers systems have revolutionized the classroom setting by offering advance technology that yields amazing learning potentials in every department. Technology students will discover new trade, create prototypes, and utilize CAD/CAM programs. Meanwhile, Art and Drama students are taking their imagination to the next level by using the laser to bring new and exciting ideas to life and new dimensions to the stage by creating their own sets and props.

Adding a Trotec laser to your high school or university will automatically make your programs more attractive to students. It gives them the hands on skills for working with laser technology and equipment. This opens new doors and entrusts a greater advantage to students for many exciting career fields.

STEM Based Curriculum for Trotec Lasers

Trotec's Curriculum Package is designed to assist professors in getting started with a laser in their classroom. It includes set up, support, and quality lesson plans with direction in teaching students how to operate the machine safely, develop technological design skills, and complete projects. Trotec's curriculum is STEM approved, allowing students to start learning as soon as the laser arrives.

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Why Trotec

Easy use

Operating a Trotec laser system is as easy as operating a printer. Layouts for architectural models are printed directly from the design program, and the laser parameters are indicated. You can thus be certain that the laser will cut your model buildings quickly and reliably.

Flexibility - in material and application

Many different materials are used in architectural model making: textiles, wood, veneer, MDF, synthetic materials, plastics, PMMA, cardboard, paper, foam, polystyrene, foils and films, acrylic, and many more. These materials require different treatment by the laser in order to achieve optimum results. Trotec offers a wide range of useful tools for this purpose: vacuum table, pass-through, different lenses, gas kit, and many more.

JobControl laser software

The JobControl laser software offers numerous tools that are useful in particular among many users of a Trotec laser: JobHistory and JobTimeCalculator make pre-production planning and also any subsequent invoicing that might be required easier. Furthermore, the Trotec JobControl includes a mode that ensures that pre-defined parameters cannot be changed retrospectively. Thus, the initial situation is always the same for all users.

Maximum precision and detail

With laser technology, you can produce even the finest geometries with maximum precision. This gives you complete freedom when designing your models. And through first-class engraving of surface textures and façade structures, you can produce presentation and competition models of the highest quality and detail.

One tool for all geometries

Milling requires a different tool head for different materials, geometries and material strengths. The laser beam is the universal tool for all geometries and material strengths.

Perfect cutting and engraving results

Trotec lasers can be used for both cutting and engraving with maximum precision. High-quality axis drives and intelligent air flow of the Trotec lasers ensure that the results are always optimal. Engrave surface textures and façade structures and cut building models with maximum quality and detail.

"If you want the best watch in the world, get a Rolex - if you want the best laser, get a Trotec! We’ve tested many different laser cutters for our wood models and found the Trotec machines to be the most reliable and precise. If you want the best watch in the world, get a Rolex - if you want the best laser, get a Trotec! We’ve tested many different laser cutters for our wood models and found the Trotec machines to be the most reliable and precise."
- Julia Kaginskiy - New Museum​ -



Trotec product recommendation

Tips for laser cutting at universities and FabLabs

At universities or in schools and FabLabs, often many different operators work on the laser machine. Is that a problem?

Quite the opposite. The JobControl® laser software supports you with JobHistory and JobTime Calculator during advance planning and the possible necessary billing afterwards. In addition, a lock mode for laser parameters can be adjusted so that predefined parameters from the material database can not be changed retrospectively. Thus, all users find the same initial situation at any time.