Laser Marking Dataplates
and Industrial Tags

For industrial plaques and dataplates made of metal and plastics

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Be flexible

Be flexible

For industrial businesses, a marking laser is the ideal technology for engraving plaques, dataplates, and many other applications. Whether you need to produce simple and functional labels, or install signage for legal reasons, laser marking allows you to customize self-adhesive materials, metals and plastics. Additionally, laser machines are the perfect solution for accommodating both standard sized materials as well as unusual shapes.

Materials suitable for laser marking and engraving

  • Acrylic plates
  • Coated metals, e.g. anodized aluminum
  • Laminates
  • Plastics
  • Stainless steel
  • and many more
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Why should I invest in a laser for dataplate marking?

Intelligent laser marking software for industrial needs: Trotec laser systems include an intuitive, comprehensive, and easy-to-operate workflow that is designed with your existing process in mind. Depending on the device you are using, the Trotec marking software is capable of generating serial numbers, codes, and even communicating with database or ERP systems. Creating the perfect labels has never been easier!

Advantages and function of laser technology

Flexible, variable data can be marked

A broad range of markings can be achieved from variable content without tool changes or retooling

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

Data from existing ERP systems and dynamic content in codes can be easily processed because of the intuitive and intelligent SpeedMark marking software.

Markings take seconds and increases output

  • High speed marking with variable data is possible (e.g. codes, serial numbers)
  • An expansive range of unique markings can be generated without tool changes or retooling

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

  • Intuitive and intelligent marking software
  • Efficient and impressively accurate positioning of components by means of a camera system: SpeedMark Vision - Smart Adjust
  • Content from ERP files can be integrated

Permanent markings

  • Laser markings are permanent marked, and are resistant to abrasion, acid, and even 
  • This is imperative for reasons of quality assurance and traceability

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

  • Product portfolio with matching fiber laser systems for all requirements
  • OEM galvo fiber laser for integration into production lines
  • Custom-built systems according to customer requirements

Markings completed in seconds allow for fast cycle times

  • Galvo technology creates high speed labeling

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

  • Galvo fiber lasers are maintenance-free machines that produce the fastest labels with minimal servicing

Incredible design opportunities

  • Logos, barcodes, product information, warning notices, and virtually all other designs can be created with the laser
  • Even small shapes and 1-point fonts can be created without sacrificing legibility
  • Photos are produced efficiently and in shortest time possible

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

  • Printing is made easy with our JobControl or DirectMark laser marking software, which processes jobs directly from the graphics program

Cost-efficient production

  • Direct marking reduces overhead costs for consumables
  • Time is saved because no additional pre-treatment or post-treatment is required
  • Wear and tear on tools is eliminated

Advantages of Trotec Lasers

  • SpeedMarker system featuring a maintenance-free fiber laser. Available to be integrated into a production line or as a laser workstation
  • Trotec laser systems offer robust mechanics specifically designed to perform for many years of intensive use while requiring minimal servicing

Trotec product recommendation

Application examples for dataplates

The process of laser marking materials provides a durable mark that is resistant to abrasion, hot and cold elements, UV radiation, alcohol or chemicals. The precise laser beam allows for fine details to be achieved, and even the smallest 1-point fonts are clearly legible. Laser machines are a contactless technology that saves consumers time and money due to the fact that no additional pre-processing or post-processing of materials are required. Additionally, thanks to the minimal repair and maintenance costs of laser’s, the expense per mark remains strikingly low regardless of job size.

  • Dataplates
  • Industrial plaques
  • Information on trademark protection
  • Machine plaques
  • Product information
  • Warning notices