Trotec Laser Names New CEO

22. November 2022 •

Trotec CEO Andreas Penz will take on the role of CEO of the organization's new Laser Sources Group, and former COO Peter Kratky will succeed him as CEO of Trotec.

Peter Kratky will continue the Trotec Laser success story

Peter Kratky will take the helm as CEO of Trotec Laser from 1st January 2023.

“As COO of Trotec Laser, Peter Kratky has worked successfully with Andreas Penz over the past three years and has acquired excellent knowledge of the market during this time," says TroGroup CEO Norbert Schrüfer. "He is highly qualified for this new role and I’m convinced that this organizational realignment will optimally prepare the TroGroup for the future and future growth."

TroGroup sets course for further growth

The newly developed Laser Sources Group is a new new business unit dedicated to laser source technology that combines industry-leading expertise from Iradion with InnoLas Photonics, the German industrial laser business acquired by the TroGroup in July 2022. 

“I’m pleased that Andreas Penz will contribute his extensive expertise in the field of laser technologies, laser applications, and laser business to the group of companies as the future CEO of the Laser Sources Group. Over the past 25 years, he has built Trotec Laser from scratch and led us to a turnover of 160 million euros. I’d like to thank him and the entire Trotec Laser team for their successful work,” Schrüfer adds.

TroGroup CEO Norbert Schrüfer will support Trotec Laser as interim COO

Until the COO position is filled, Norbert Schrüfer will be part of the management of Trotec Laser on an interim basis in addition to his role as CEO of the TroGroup.

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