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Stop by our booth to see how a high-efficiency laser with superior build quality can give you a competitive advantage.

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Join us in Atlanta on Oct. 18-20 at the PRINTING United Expo! We will be offering special tradeshow pricing on laser machines, deals on our premium-quality sheet materials, and a special additional $5,000 discount on our SP2000 laser cutter to those who schedule a showfloor demo

At this year's show, we will be showcasing our high-speed, high-efficiency lasers, and demonstrating cutting-edge laser capabilities that boost production efficiency and increase product value. Stop by our booth for live group presentations on our camera-assisted software technologies for precision cutting and design placement, acrylic cutting capabilities, and laser cutting for large format applications. See schedule of booth events.

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Cut the scrap with camera-assisted technologies

Our lasers feature camera-assisted technologies that help boost productivity and reduce scrap and rework. Our Vision Print & Cut camera registration software allows you to produce precise details and contours on pre-printed materials, and cut materials to exact specifications. This camera-assisted technology uses registration marks to detect and correct errors during processing, drastically improving your results and saving you from costly scrap and rework. Vision Design & Position is our 12 megapixel vision positioning camera situated on the lid of the laser machine, which speeds workflow by delivering a live image of the work area onto the operating PC in real time, eliminating the need for manual positioning of the laser pointer. 

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laser cutting for large format materials at printing united

Book a demo, get a deal

We are offering a special promotion on our SP2000 large format laser cutter. In addition to special event pricing, you can book a demo and get and additional $5,000 discount. The SP2000 offers superior build quality, combining a robust, ergonomic, and low-maintenance system design with high-speed precision processing capabilities in the largest safety class 2 laser cutter on the market. With a working area of 66 x 98 inches and access from all four sides, the system offers a generous working area with an ergonomic design, including a 71-inch-wide loading area at the front and the rear of the machine, allowing for unrestricted unloading and loading even while the machine is cutting.

Book a showfloor demo and get an additional $5000 discount on your new SP2000

laser cutting acrylic at printing united

Perfectly polished acrylic edges in a single process step

Stop by our booth to see how our lasers can cut acrylic with ease and produce a perfectly polished acrylic edge in a single process step -- no flame polishing needed! Our CO2 lasers are ideal for cutting acrylic for applications like signage, displays and other promotional items because they provide fast cutting speed, more flexibility, contact- tool-free processing, and a clean, perfectly polished edge, with no flame polishing required. In addition to boosting shopfloor efficiency, you'll improve the quality and sellong proces of your finished items.

Join us in booth #C1932 each day for demonstrations of these and other revenue-boosting capabilities. See schedule of booth events.

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