Introducing the Pantone Color of the Year for Laser Applications

21. April 2023 •

Powerful and vibrant – the Pantone Color of the Year 2023.

The Pantone Color Institute has famously chosen a color of the year for the last two decades. Their highly anticipated 2023 color, Viva Magenta, is a bold, vibrant magenta shade. Luckily, we offer several laser and engraving materials in this color range, making it easy to stay on trend. Experiment with this year's color by incorporating it into your laser applications, including indoor and outdoor signage, multi-layered signs, paper invitations, décor, and more.

Check out our examples below for some Viva Magenta inspiration!

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Eye-catchers made of TroGlass acrylic sheets

Create with the Pantone color of the year at its peak to develop all types of laser cut and engraved designs and decorations. Our TroGlass acrylic products - available in Viva Magenta and other exciting shades - are ideal for these applications, whether they be for indoor or outdoor use.

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Laser cut color spots

Viva Magenta has an eye-catching effect, even in small doses. Combining it with a more neutral and subtle color scheme provides a pop of color that makes particular details of your design stand out. Our example: Laser cut flower decoration made of TroGlitter.

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LaserPaper for invitation cards

To many, variations of red signify power and the celebration of life, making them an excellent choice for invitations. Laser cut invitations, especially in this bold, vibrant color, will stand out and delight your customers.

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