February Laser Training: Fixtures for Batch Processing

Attend our Laser Lunch & Learn workshop and learn how to make fixtures for batch processing that will dramatically boost your production efficiency. See Laser Dave's Deep Dive video below for more details!

February Laser Lunch & Learn

Join us on Thursday, February 17th at our participating locations for this month’s Laser Lunch & Learn workshop. At this FREE hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to make fixtures for batch processing, and see firsthand how batch processing can dramatically boost production efficiency. Get hands-on experience with all the presented features, applications, and techniques presented in Laser Dave's monthly Deep Dive video. Attend to ask questions, try new methods, discover accessories, and of course, a free lunch!


Deep Dive with Laser Dave

Check out this month's Deep Dive video for an in-depth tutorial on how to make fixtures and set up a batch processing job. Laser Dave will also share tips for boosting productivity, and demonstrate how using a fixture to process in batches offers significant cost and time savings. Watch to see how Laser Dave decrease his run time by 70% on aluminum tags and a jig made of TroGlass 3mm Satin Cast Acrylic

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Participating Locations

Trotec Laser Inc.
1630 S. Sunkist St Ste, H
Anaheim, CA 92806 

Trotec Laser Inc./Computerized Engraving Services
1701 S. Schroeder Ln.
McHenry, IL 60050

Trotec Laser Inc.
44747 Helm Ct.
Plymouth, MI 48170

Trotec Laser Inc.
3030 Business Park Dr. Ste B
Norcross, GA 30071

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