November Third Thursday Laser Hacks 3.0

Laser Hacks 3.0

Join us November 18 at noon EST for our final Third Thursday as Laser Dave brings our 2021 workshop series to a close with one of our most popular topics, Laser Hacks 3.0. Register today to discover our most recent hacks for saving you time and money. The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A with Trotec Regional Sales Manager, Frank Fernandez.

Discover the latest hacks

Laser Dave will cover several new methods for improving your processing technique, quality, speed and productivity of your laser systems.  Listed below is a sneak peak of what you can be sure to take away from Laser Hacks 3.0:

  • New ways of using focus for effects
  • A new 3D fixture hack
  • Ways of utilizing passes to cut down on processing time
  • Low cost resources

Laser Hacks 1.0

Check out our YouTube channel to discover all of our tricks from Laser Hacks 1.0. Learn about cleaning and post processing techniques to achieve a higher-end product, as well as tips and tricks for processing atypical laser applications including:

  • MaskingBed of Nails
  • Sand Tray
  • Efficiency Techniques
  • LegosUsing
  • Play-Dough/Clay

More Laser Hacks

Laser Hacks 2.0

Designed to help beginners and intermediate laser users improve processing results and increase efficiency Laser Dave features a variety of step-by-step tips and tricks covering materials, techniques, and laser settings. A few hacks covered include:

  • Using your standard printer to create print & cut products
  • See how coconut oil can increase the perceived value of your metals
  • Engraving multiple levels in one job
  • Removing reflection marks from material cut on a cutting table

Watch Laser Hacks 2.0

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