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Obscenerie's jewellery shines with Trotec laser.

Designing and creating wearable art.

Obscenerie is a jewellery and accessories company founded by Anne Sandilands, a sculpture graduate from Edinburgh College of Art. With a focus on creating jewellery representing nature, language and typography using various materials, Anne is constantly designing and developing new, innovative ideas for products. Thanks to her online webshop, Anne is able to offer her products worldwide, and frequently attends trade shows within the UK.

obscenerie producing wearable art

Time is money.

Anne found that her method of production was hindering the growth of her business. When starting the business, she began manufacturing her jewellery by casting them in resin, which meant that producing multiple versions of the same piece was time consuming.

This had a knock on effect on the time it would take Anne to get her products to market, each piece had to be photographed and listed as a separate item, something which would frequently take up days worth of time. One of the key aspects of working in a creative business is to constantly innovate; due to the time constraints involved with the production processes, Anne was left with limited time to design her products. Using the resin production method also meant that Anne was limited in her production capabilities, only producing two products at most per day. It was these time restraints that led her to search for an alternative production method.

laser technology for laser cutting jewellery

Scaling up production.

A key focus for Anne was to scale up her production so that she could get her products to market faster than was possible with her manual production method. Anne began looking into laser technology as a solution to her problem and wanted a supplier who could offer support if required. Whilst cheap laser machines were available to import, they came with no support and Anne knew that if she had issues with such a machine she would be left to fix it herself.

Anne booked a demonstration at her local Trotec showroom. Immediately she saw the benefits that the machine could bring to Obscenerie. Once her laser was installed, Anne began scaling up her production to make dozens of necklaces per day, from initial design to the packaged product.

As a creative business, the ability to take designs and turn them into physical products with a quick turn around has allowed Anne to showcase her work at exciting art and fashion events and to make bespoke orders for loyal customers.

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