Dark Alliance Firearms

Dark Alliance Firearms operate as a full-service shop specialized in providing custom-made firearms. Since the purchase of their SpeedMarker 300, they have been able to produce intricate details and fulfill more custom jobs than ever.


Customization of firearms


Las Vegas, United States

Laser machine

Speedmarker 300

Specialist for painting and engraving of firearms.

Dark Alliance Firearms specializes in providing custom-made firearms. They operate as a full-service shop that offers machining of the firearms, painting and engraving. Located in Las Vegas, Dark Alliance currently owns a SpeedMarker 300 30w. Once their Trotec laser was up-and-running, they began documenting many of their customized firearms and posting them to social media platforms, like Instagram. When they began promoting their work, Jeremy says they had 10,000 followers. Currently, they have over 90,000 followers and growing! He explains that their Trotec laser system has allowed them to cast a much larger "net" within the firearms market.  

Dark Alliance Firearms wanted to keep up with demand.

Before purchasing a Trotec laser system, Dark Alliance Firearms was experiencing difficulties with detailed engravings. Initially, the company was operating with CNC routers with a focus on machining the firearms, but was receiving many requests for intricate engraving work. Unfortunately, the CNC was not able to produce a very high level of detail, so Jeremy Schmierer, owner of Dark Alliance Firearms, began renting time to use another company's Trotec laser system. After a short time, Jeremy was unable to rent enough laser time to keep up with demand. He then decided to reach out to Trotec to purchase his own machine. 

Dark Alliance expanded their market with the SpeedMarker 300.

Dark Alliance Firearms was already familiar with a Trotec laser system when they expressed interest. They did not pursue other laser manufactures because of their experience and loved the user-friendly interface that comes with a Trotec. After speaking with their local sales representative, they decided to purchase an open enclosure SpeedMarker 300. Since the purchase of their laser, they have been able to produce intricate detail and fulfill more custom jobs than ever. In addition to an increase of custom engraving jobs, Dark Alliance Firearms claims that owning a Trotec has expanded their customer base and visibility. Jeremy claims that the laser has attributed to increased customization orders to the point that he is considering purchasing another system. 

"Our Trotec allows us to do what we do best, but better. Now we´re able to provide detail that other shops can´t produce. The Trotec laser has attributed to increased customization orders to the point that we are considering purchasing another system." 

Jeremy Schmierer
Owner of Dark Alliance Firearms

SpeedMarker series
Industrial marking of individual components as well as large batches.

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