Job Control® Cut

Get a perfect cutting result in a few easy steps

JobControl® Cut is a fully integrated editor to process and optimize basic cut geometries in our Trotec laser software JobControl® – without the need to change the original geometries in the graphics software again. With the upgrade to JobControl® 11.0, JobControl® Cut is included as an optional feature.

  • JobControl® Cut requires little training and is easy to use.
  • An optimal work flow saves costs and enhances the quality of the end products.
  • For a perfect cutting result.

How it works

The following editing functions can be applied in JobControl® Cut:

Contours can be assigned to process colors to define them as inside or outside cutting lines or to select them as vector engraving.

Thanks to the automatic connection of cutting geometries, adjacent lines are combined to form a continuous cutting contour. Thus, the cutting geometries can be repaired quickly and easily. Avoidable piercing positions are eliminated by the push of a button.

With the function "set start point", the ideal start points can be selected. Thus, irregularities in the cutting lines are avoided.

With kerf correction, the fitting accurancy of components and dimensional errors caused by the kerf of the laser are compensated. Plug-in connections are aligned and fit perfectly together.

With defining the lead in / lead out segments, the laser starts outside the actual cutting geometries. The piercing process does not have a negative impact on the edge quality of the finished product. The edge quality gets consistent along its entire path around the work piece.

The sorting function allows you to optimize the cutting sequence. This reduces the processing time. A simulation lets you check the cutting sequence before you execute it at the machine.

Original data will not be overwritten. JobControl® stores the edited version seperately in the job queue.

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