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Rapid Prototyping: from idea to finished product in just a few steps. Use the laser cutter to create prototypes, models, single pieces and small batches from wood, acrylic, textiles or leather, digitally and true to detail.

Why it makes sense to use a laser cutter in product design.

Rapid Prototyping: Save time and money by handling the entire development process yourself, right up to the finished product. From idea to finished workpiece, you can quickly and easily implement your design. The laser cutter enables a completely digital process as well as precise cutting for true-to-scale models.

When you use a laser cutter, single pieces, small batches and even large batches can be economically realized. Refine pieces of jewelry with an individual laser engraving, or create new works of art with the laser machine.

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Why a laser machine makes sense in product design.
A comparison of technologies.

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How to use the laser cutter to create product designs.

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Which laser machine is best for product design.

The laser engravers and cutters of the Speedy series offer a real competitive advantage: They create significant added value for products made of wood, plastic, textiles or leather. Discover their speed, intelligent functions and innovative technical design.

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The Speedy laser machine has revolutionized prototyping because it enables the team at the institute to do everything, from initial design to manufacture, themselves. Modifications and desired changes can be made within a very short time and with minimal effort.

Univ.Prof.Dr. Martin Kaltenbrunner

Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

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Having an arty mind, it’s really nice having my own machine. When I have an idea, I can just come out into my studio and put it onto leather straight away.

Carol Dadds

Sunshine Barossa, Australia

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FAQs about product design with a laser.

What can you do with a laser cutter in product design?


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How do you use a laser cutter to turn a design draft into a finished product?


What it takes to be successful in product design.
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