Laser and engraving materials

We offer two-ply sheet materials, various kinds of acrylic sheets as well as wood and metals for laser engraving, laser engraving supplies and gift products for personalisation. With that, we are happy to provide you with a large variety of high-quality engraving supplies in different colors, sizes and thicknesses for your daily business.

Premium materials for exceptional results

From laser engraving and cutting to mechanical engraving, our materials are engineered to deliver exceptional results. They are ideally composed for efficient production of all kinds of applications from signs, labels, displays to promotional products, personalised items and arts and crafts. All laser and engraving materials are optimized and tested regarding sizes, parameters, and efficiency. That makes your daily work easier and brings excellent results.

Let's explore the different categories of Trotec engraving materials:

Laser material sheets
Laser material sheets
Laser material sheets - Anchor
Acrylic sheets
Acrylic sheets
Engraving supplies
Engraving supplies
Engraving supplies - Anchor

Laser material sheets

Perfect for efficient production of signs, labels and much more

Featuring a colored or metallic top layer and a contrasting acrylic core, the sheet materials of our TroLase Series are perfect for both laser cutting and engraving: 

  • Laser engraving reveals the contrasting core color
  •  Material can be laser cut to any shape and size
  • Core material is made of a modified acrylic specially developed for laser application

Many laser materials of this range feature the benefit of being fully UV stable, allowing you to create outdoor applications with ease. Others are thin, flexible and with an adhesive backing for simple and fast production of labels and stickers.

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Acrylic Sheets for laser engraving

Create high-quality signs, displays and laser-cut accessories

Whether you need precision-cut clear acrylic for signage, colored acrylic sheets for vibrant displays, or reflective mirror or sparkling glitter surfaces, our acrylic sheets uphold top-quality standards.

  • Various colors, grades of transparencies and surface properties
  • Exceptional purity, durability, and versatility
  • Diversity from glitter to mirror effects

With our range of acrylics, you have the flexibility to realize your creative ideas at highest production efficiency. We are happy to offer numerous sustainable Green Line products within this product range.

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Wood sheets for laser engraving

Natural perfection for signs, promotional items and crafts

Our wood materials collection includes veneers on MDF core, solid wood sheets as well as MDF and plywood sheets.

  • Known for the exceptional quality
  • Surfaces are optimized in homogeneity for laser processing
  • Carefully selected pieces of the raw material in order to keep natural beauty of wood
  • Sourced from responsible suppliers
  • Eco-friendly water-based finish optimizes the material for laser processing and enhances durability

While our veneer and solid wood sheets are especially popular for creating signs, artwork, medals and promotional items, our MDF and plywood products are perfectly suited for prototyping, modelling and crafting.

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Metals for laser engraving

Excellence for highly durable and resistant labels, signs and tags

We offer anodized aluminum, coated metals as well as stainless steel with different colors, matte or gloss surfaces. Some of the metal sheets, such as anodized aluminum, are provided with a special layer that can be engraved with a CO2 laser. Other metal sheets are particularly suitable for processing with fiber lasers, mechanical engraving machines or ceramic sprays or pastes can be applied before laser processing.

  • Our cut-to-size service is especially popular with metals
  • Products fulfil highest industry standards
  • Ideal preconditions for fast processing and high-class products

Discover our metals range

Engraving supplies for mechanical engraving

Create durable and high-quality nameplates, signs, labels, and more

The engraving materials of our TroPly series are specially designed to provide optimum results when processed with mechanical engraving devices.

  • Colored or metallic top layer and a contrasting core
  • From thin surfaces that allow for fast and detailed engraving to strong, robust surfaces
  • Variety of thicknesses and colors

This versatility makes our engraving materials suitable for industries ranging from manufacturing to awards and recognition.

Discover rotary plastics

Laser engraving supplies and Gifts

Profit from products ready for laser processing

Grow your business by personalizing gifts and laser engraving supplies for your customers. Easily obtain products such as laserable bottles, aluminum tags, slates and much more from us and rely on high quality products. All of them are tested for laser engraving and available also in small quantities. Besides, we offer laser engraving supplies that might make your daily work easier: From workholding mats to pins and magnets for name badges to laser marking solutions.

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Which materials do you need for your business?

Explore our wide range of materials, engraving supplies and gifts in our webshop.

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Why Trotec materials?

Our commitment to quality ensures durability and effortless processing, saving you time and costs. Our materials are tested thoroughly in our Application Labs across the world to ensure outstanding results for our customers. We provide consistent quality, colors, and parameters, along with reliable material availability. With ideal sheet sizes for your machines and a cut-tosize option, we tailor our offerings to your needs. Our exceptional service guarantees quick responses and timely deliveries with a personal touch. We maintain a vast product range, available even in small quantities, and offer an eco-friendly "Green Line" product range for sustainability-conscious customers.

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Trusted source for laser-optimized materials

For over 20 years, we have been a leading supplier of engraving and laser materials, leveraging our extensive knowledge. As producers of our core materials, we maintain quality control and drive innovation. Focusing on acrylic, we conduct standardized tests to assess laser processing capabilities, ensuring superior results and meeting demanding laser engraving requirements. Our goal is to enhance your profitability and productivity through Trotec materials.


Engraving materials proven to be UV- and weather-stable

Products stated to be UV- and weather stable are tested. Our TroLase materials undergo extensive tests subjected to high-intensity exposure conditions for 1200 hours following ISO 4892 standards. TroLase materials have passed this test without any visual changes in color or surface appearance. ISO 4892 outlines a procedure involving UV fluorescent lamp radiation, heat, and humidity to simulate real-world weathering effects. This includes stress cycles with temperature control and specific lamp types to ensure the durability and stability of our materials. 


Highest quality standards from raw materials to finished engraving materials

We source raw materials and finished goods from compliant suppliers, adhering to REACH and RoHS directives. We prioritize color and quality consistency, verifying color match with a spectrophotometer and conducting thorough incoming goods inspections, including packaging, labeling, protective film quality, and compliance with defined standards like ISO 7823-1 for TroGlass products.


Sustainable engraving supplies

We rely on regional partners who have the same high standards as we do. For more quality, responsible business today and a contribution to a future worth living. In our eco-friendly ‘Green Line’ you find numerous products of our main product groups. We continually strive to expand our range of sustainable materials. Important aspects of our Green Line include recyclability and reusability, ethical sourcing, reduced environmental impact and many more.

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Explore our laser machines and find out which one is ideal to start your business or to increase your production capacity.

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