Trotec Laser meets individual needs of Micro Carta's customers.

Thanks to the implementation of the SP500 model by Trotec, Micro Carta gained the ability to quickly produce even small quantities of packaging. The new technology allows for flexibility and efficiency in creating personalized solutions, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and company competitiveness.


Creation and personalization of decorative and promotional packaging, including boxes, cases, ribbons, bows, and other accessories


Warsaw, Poland

Laser machine

Laser Cutter SP500, 200 Watt

Trotec laser technology - the solution to meet individual customer needs.

Founded in 1991, Micro Carta specializes in the production of decorative and promotional paper, cardboard, and corrugated packaging, as well as various types of boxes. They also offer packaging and gift accessories such as ribbons, paper shreds, sisal, raffia, sponges, materials, rosettes, tags, and bows.

Before implementing Trotec technology, Micro Carta faced limitations in customizing packaging to individual customer needs. Production relied on traditional cardboard die-cutting, resulting in high costs and inflexible execution of small orders. After careful consideration of various options, including the use of cutting plotters, Micro Carta decided to focus on finding a solution using laser technology.

The choice of Trotec SP500 laser for efficiency and versatility in packaging production.

Micro Carta carefully compared various available laser options, including both imported ones from China and those offered by Trotec. To make the best decision, they visited the Trotec Showroom in Warsaw, where they had the opportunity to explore different laser models and test their capabilities. During the visit, they focused on comparing two cutting and engraving machines - Speedy 400 and SP500. They tested the machines on their own materials and took advantage of the specialized consultations offered by experienced Trotec experts. After analyzing their production needs and the capabilities offered by both models, they decided on the SP500 due to its suitable working area size, which perfectly matched the company's requirements.

Micro Carta chose Trotec laser technology for its versatility and efficiency. Utilizing the Trotec laser enables the company to achieve efficient packaging production through precise and fast cutting of various materials. Furthermore, the laser allows for customization and adaptation of packaging to individual customer needs, regardless of production volume. By employing Trotec laser technology, Micro Carta can achieve high-quality finishing, reduce production time, and increase flexibility and competitiveness in the packaging market.

Laser as a key element of the company's investment strategy.

Laser is a key element of Micro Carta's investment strategy as the company consistently strives to enhance its production capabilities. Following the successful implementation of Trotec laser technology, the company is considering further investments, such as acquiring large-format printers or gilding machines. These new devices will serve as valuable additions to the production process, enabling Micro Carta to offer even greater variety of services and achieve higher finishing quality. The choice of lasers as the initial investment step demonstrates the company's commitment to modern and innovative solutions, allowing them to remain a leader in the decorative and promotional packaging market.

Discover the power of laser at Micro Carta: Packaging, maritime travels, and more.

Watch the video and learn more about the use of laser technology at Micro Carta, as well as specific company products. Additionally, the video showcases an interesting aspect of the owners' second business, which involves organizing maritime travels. See how laser contributes to the success of Micro Carta in both the packaging industry and this fascinating field of maritime journeys.

"The laser has enabled us to meet the expectations of our customers, regardless of their business scale. Thanks to laser technology, whether it's a large company or a small family business, we can offer them a box that caters to their unique needs."

Lech Lewandowski
Co-owner Micro Carta

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