Incisioni Ravenna has chosen Trotec Laser to grow its business.

About the company

Incisioni Ravenna was born in 1987, from the idea of Federica Sabini's father, to produce the engraved plates for the machines used in the production of pipes for the industrial sector. At the beginning the work was carried out in a small workshop run by her mother, where the work was all mechanical pantograph, first manual and then automated.

The discovery of the laser, the discovery of Trotec

1999 is the year of the discovery of the laser for Incisioni Ravenna. The first contact with this technology took place during a trade fair and it was immediately clear that it could be the right choice for their business by accelerating and improving the production process.
Mechanical processing was often long and laborious, with many parts still to be performed by hand. So the laser would bring greater speed in production along with higher quality.

The Trotec solution for the Incisioni Ravenna business

The search for the right laser led Incisioni Ravenna to choose Trotec Laser, the solution best suited to their needs and in 2000 began this partnership that continues to this day.
Gradually the laser has completely replaced all other mechanical systems, now being the only technology used for their processing. The laser has allowed the production to increase, maintaining quality standards that with pantographs was not possible to achieve, and the growth of work has led them to increase over the years the number of machines to until they have 3 different Trotec Speedy:

  • Speedy 100 Flexx
  • Speedy 300
  • Speedy 400

After the first Speedy they tried to buy another laser from an American manufacturer, but they immediately understood the difference in terms of usability and quality of processing with their Speedy. They realized the mistake and went back in their footsteps, looking for Trotec again.

With Trotec Laser I found machines with high performance and accurate and complete technical services starting from the installation up to the advice and answers that your technicians give us in any situation.

Federica Sabini
Incisioni Ravenna

Improved production process

Thanks to the introduction of laser technology, it has been able to speed up its production and increase its quality. Thorough the purchase of the Speedy 100 Flexx, metalworking, and steel in particular, has also improved a lot. Federica used to paint the steel plates and then make the marking with the CO2 laser and then wash them. Now having a Flexx machine, she can use the Fiber source to make these markings, thus removing two steps to the machining process.

With our machines, having also fiber source, we can really offer an infinite number of services.

Federica Sabini
Incisioni Ravenna

Entering new markets

The versatility of the technology is giving to Incisioni Ravenna the further opportunity to experiment other markets. In the last few years they have also been exploring the market for customized items, creating products for end users: jewellery, gift wrapping and ceremony items.

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