We proudly present our new laser software:
"Trotec Ruby"

Published on: 15.10.2020

Our new generation of laser workflow software has arrived, introducing the open BETA version of "Ruby". Setting new standards in laser software, Ruby provides a simple and fast workflow from idea to product. Designed to support efficient processing of jobs, Ruby will provide users with a connected, web-based, "digital-to-the-core" setup with a new user interface that will delight customers.

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New: Trotec Ruby. Laser Software re-defined.

The Ruby software interface has integrated several editing and design tools to create and design a job offering a simple and fast workflow from idea to product. Some of these tools include editing object layers, line widths and text, and several design tasks—such as adding photos, and adding and editing text elements —without the need for additional graphic design software.

Trotec Ruby will also connect all laser devices in one network, locally or in the cloud. Ruby also has the ability to set up multiple jobs with multiple materials on the bed at same time, and the ability to drag and drop files directly into the software instead of using the “Printer Driver” JobControl workflow. 

The Ruby platform opens up possibilities that have long been in demand but were previously unthinkable, such as the portability to work anywhere at any time, and no longer constrained by the limitations of the operating system. This technology will offer laser users unprecedented added value and will be setting new standards.

The vision of Trotec Ruby

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The journey starts now. Join the open beta program to be one of the first laser users working with Trotec Ruby. Profit from integrated job creation, directly import files, laser networking and capabilities of modern software technologies. All will raise your productivity in daily business.

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