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More possibilities for laser marking metals and plastics

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Published on: 11/22/2016 Author: Bernd Kerbl

More possibilities for laser marking metals and plastics

You would like to mark anodised aluminium in black with a laser or mark different colours on steel? Or is the contrast of your plastic marking with the conventional fiber laser not intense enough?  Then we are the right company for you, because with the MOPA lasers you can master these requirements now.

From now on, all marking lasers of the SpeedMarker series are also available with the MOPA laser source in addition to the conventional fiber lasers. This means that you have clearly more possibilities for marking metals and plastics. In addition, you can often produce qualitatively equivalent markings with the MOPA laser much faster than with the fiber laser. The advantages of the conventional fiber laser sources remain:

  • maintenance-free
  • long service life
  • air-cooled
  • economic purchase price

More possibilities with the MOPA laser source

With the MOPA lasers you can adjust the pulse duration variably and reduce it to a few nanoseconds compared to the conventional fiber laser sources. Due to the short pulses as well as the lower pulse energy, the material is heated less. Thus, the possibilities of the SpeedMarker marking lasers to label metals and plastics increase enormously.

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Higher-contrast, more homogeneous laser markings on plastics

For some plastics, the MOPA laser can display its strengths - short pulses and thereby less material heating. The MOPA laser can laser-mark plastics which are difficult to mark with a conventional fiber laser, in a clearly higher-contrast and more homogeneous manner. Thereby, the material burns less and foams less (e.g., ABS). Especially on dark plastics (e.g. PA 66 GF, PA 6 GF, PP GF, etc.), the shorter pulses often produce “nicer”, lighter markings, which results in a higher contrast. This results in a better contrast, offering you a good (machine) readability.

Aluminium black marking and marking colours on steel

The MOPA laser also offers some advantages for metals. On the one hand, you can mark (natural anodised) aluminium in black. This process is also used to mark high-quality smartphones. On the other hand, a faster and corrosion-free annealing marking on steel is possible. In general, the MOPA laser with pulse durations between 4 and 200 ns offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for marking metals. Different, reproducible colours can also be marked on steel.

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In order to make full use of these numerous advantages and possibilities for marking plastics and metals, an extensive application knowledge is necessary. Our experts are looking forward to providing you with detailed and non-binding advice.

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