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Release JobControl® Laser Software 10.6

Published on: 09/27/2016 Author: Petra Buresch

The newest version of JobControl® 10.6 – the most user friendly and powerful laser software on the market - will be released end of October. New features and improvements and the full support of SP2000 and SP3000 laser cutter make your daily work more efficient. Moreover JobControl® 10.6 is compatible with CorelDRAW X8.

Additional material parameters and new functions in the material database

The material database was extended with additional parameters for further Trotec materials like TroGlass, TroLase ADA, markSolid products and new solid wood products. The set of parameters can be downloaded on our website mid of October and imported by the material database for your JobControl® with version 10.0 and higher.

In order to define the laser process of the 16 colours more specifically an additonal column for the parameter description can be activated. Especially in files with different parameters for the same process the additonal description can help to have a clear overview. In addition the new drag and drop function allows to easily change the position of colors and processes.

CorelDRAW X8 compatibility

Besides the new features and improvements, the newest version of JobControl® 10.6 is compatible with CorelDRAW X8.

UniDrive 10.6. Release

In addition Trotec releases the dfx-import for UniDrive 10.6 software. Besides the already existing compatibility for pdf-imports UniDrive 10.6 will also allow to import dxf-files easily with the new release.

More about UniDrive Software

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