What is LaserFlex heat transfer engraving material?

What is LaserFlex heat transfer engraving material?

LaserFlex is a high quality, multi-layered thermotransfer film. It has been created to be laser cut and also to be weeded by laser engraving. Decorate textiles with designs of your choice, logos and lettering "screen printing like". Save time and money: There is no need to vectorise your data or for time-consuming weeding. Realise designs that would be impossible to achieve with a cutting plotter. 

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Which designs can be realised?

Create even the most intricate designs and many details within a remarkably short time. Both images, i.e. pixel-based graphics, as well as vector data, can be used. By pre-rastering grey levels impressive hatch areas can be produced, which cannot be created with conventional cutting plotters. The motifs, however, have to be mirror engraved and cut.

Tip: Laser engraving thermotransfer material eliminates the weeding of small details like the insides of letters and logos.

Tips for laser processing

Optimal laser settings vary depending on the laser power level and the speed of your laser plotter. We recommend processing from the bottom up while using the highest possible exhaust power level. This way any dust produced is no longer drawn across the already laser processed area.

Tip: As the thermotransfer material is very thin and flexible, we recommend to use a vacuum table. It holds the film flat and therefore in constant focus of the laser beam during laser engraving and cutting.

How to apply LaserFlex

Use a heat press for an optimum application of the finished laser film on the textile. This guarantees an efficient, uniform and permanent application.

Transfer the engraved and cut designs by applying them to the textiles for 17 seconds at 165 °C. Remove the carrier film while it is still hot. Textiles should not be washed within the first 24 hours after applying, afterwards they are wash resistant up to 60°C.

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