trolase foil laser engraving

TroLase Foil

Engraving a foil has never been easier

TroLase Foil is a two-layer material with self-adhesive backing. TroLase Foil is 0.2 mm thin and therefore ideal for labels and stickers on curved surfaces, among other things. TroLase Foil is very good for engraving and excellent for laser cutting. Even large-scale engravings produce less waves than is usual with laser foils.

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Engraving larger areas on TroLase Foil

If you want to produce a large-scale engraving using TroLase Foil, please pay attention to the following points:

  • Low laser power: In order to achieve a good quality of engraving without undulation, use less laser power than with e.g. TroLase, because the very thin top layer is removed very quickly. If a job involves both fine details and large areas, we recommend using two engraving parameters.
  • DPI: Send the files to the laser at 500 dpi.
  • Z-offset: Choose 0 mm z-offset for fine details, e.g. 6 point font. For surface engravings we recommend a z-offset of 1 - 2 mm.
  • Nozzle (Air Assist) and lens: For the Air Assist, use the nozzle with the largest hole diameter and either a 1.5” or 2” lens.

Special application: Kiss cut

With TroLase Foil, a so-called “Kiss Cut” is possible. This means that, with little power, you only cut through the laminate, and the cover of the adhesive foil on the back remains intact. Thus, you can process an entire sheet and there are no small parts to be fished out. If the Kiss Cut parameter has been set, the material can also be processed on the vacuum table because it is not cut through. 

Processing with a fiber laser

Metallic colors can be processed very well with the fiber laser source. A solid black without erosion is achieved. As only the plastic become discolored in this process. This is very good for making small details visible.

TroLase Foil and TroLase Lights

As TroLase Foil is very similar to another product of the TroLase range: TroLase Lights. Here are a few points of comparison:

  • Material thickness: TroLase Foil 0.2mm, TroLase Lights 0.1mm.
  • Adhesive back layer on both TroLase Foil and TroLase Lights.
  • The acrylic base layer of TroLase Foil allows a homogeneous engraved image, even with large-scale engravings, whereas TroLase Lights is primarily suitable for smaller details.
  • Both TroLase Foil and TroLase Lights are excellent for engraving fine details.
  • The tear strength of TroLase Foil is lower than TroLase Lights, which is based on a PET foil.

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