Snack bowl made from TroCraft Eco

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to make a foldable snack bowl using TroCraft Eco, our sustainable and ecological laser material.

Snack bowl made out of TroCraft Eco
Snack bowl made out of TroCraft Eco


Required Material
  • 1x sheet of TroCraft Eco - 1.0mm
  • Cover material

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Machine Used

You can create this sample using any machine from the Speedy Series of laser machines.

TroCraft Snack Bowl


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Step by step

Trotec print settings: TroCraft Eco
Step 1

Step 1: Design

Import our graphics and proceed to modify them to suit your preferences. Then, send them to your Trotec laser machine using the following print settings:

Process Mode Resolution Cut Line
Standard Job 500dpi -
Halftone Others
Colour Optimised Geometries, Inner Geometries First
Laser engraving TroCraft Eco
Step 2

Step 2: Laser Processing: TroCraft Eco

Place the TroCraft Eco (consisting of pure cellulose fibre) onto the honeycomb cutting table within your laser machine. Then, cover the rest of the working area with leftover materials to create a stronger vacuum effect. Pease note that the parameters may vary depending on the machine used and its available laser power.

Laser Parameters:

  Colour Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Engraving Black COEngraving 9 50 500
Scratching Red CO2 Cutting 24 2 1000
Cutting Blue CO2 Cutting 42 2 1000
  Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Advanced
Engraving 1 ON 0mm High Quality
Scratching 1 ON 0mm -
Cutting 1 ON 0mm -


Remember: the inside of the snack bowl is the underside of the TroCraft Eco sheet. 

If you want to see the engraving from the inside of the bowl, cut it out first (without the engravings). In the second step, remove the cut bowl from the machine and place it upside down in the same position. Now, activate the engraving parameters, and deactivate the two cutting parameters. This will allow the engraved pattern to be visible on the inside of the bowl.

Material Usage Hints: TroCraft Eco

Bending of the snack bowl
Step 3

Step 3: Bending

Carefully bend the four scratched 'fold' lines. Repeat this process until the edges are all easily movable. Next, bend the four middle cut lines in the opposite direction. When a slight bowl shape is recognisable, insert the fork into the two small recesses. If done correctly, the bowl should now hold its shape.


This snack bowl is perfect for summer garden parties, get-togethers and work functions. You can even personalise the bowl with a logo or name.

Why is TroCraft Eco suitable for this application?

TroCraft Eco is a sustainable, ecological and bio-degradable product. The environmentally-friendly material is therefore ideally suited for food applications. Due to its stability, flexibility and durability, TroCraft Eco can be used for individual, modern and rustic designs, and a snack bowl is a perfect example of this.

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