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Experiences from “Wee County Trophies” with a laser engraving machine from Trotec

published on 22. März 2021 Reading time ≈ 2 min

The applications that laser technology make possible are almost endless. Our customer “Wee County Trophies” has also had this experience with a laser engraving machine. The company makes customized trophies and gifts. After almost 10 years, the founding couple decided to invest in the further development of their business and expand their workshop. Previously, mechanical engraving machines had been used to personalize cups, trophies and gifts. Now individual engravings are produced on customer request with a Trotec Speedy 300 laser engraving machine at “Wee County Trophies”.

Why do engravers invest in a laser machine? What experiences do engravers have with laser engraving machines?

The decisive factor for investing in a laser engraving machine was the desire to make the company future-proof. Not all orders could be carried out with the mechanical engraving machines. The processing of acrylic, glass or wood had to be commissioned externally. That cost time and money.  By bringing laser technology into the business, all materials can now be processed in-house. In addition, new products are also available from the family company. The entrepreneurs experiment with materials and repeatedly inspire their customers with new products. “From day one we have had very good experiences with the laser engraving machine,” Sean Clarke draws an interim conclusion.

An overview of five advantages of a laser engraving machine compared to mechanical engraving:

  • All materials can be processed.

  • The workpiece does not have to be clamped because laser processing is non-contact. With mechanical engraving, the workpiece must be firmly clamped, which is an enormous amount of time in series production.

  • No tool wear. With mechanical engraving, the milling head wears out and needs to be replaced regularly.

  • Very high precision of the laser engraving machine.

  • Easy operation of the laser

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