I Can't Position the Current Laser Job with JobControl

JobControl error messages occur for a number of different reasons. Below are some troubleshooting tips to help you solve the issues.

Error message in positioning: Jobs can no longer be positioned on the plate.

Possible causes of error and solutions:

The job is larger than the available work area of the laser machine.
Solution: Check the size of the laser job and adjust it, if necessary!

There is no more room on the plate for the job because the plate is already full with other laser jobs.
Solution: The laser job is too big. Check the size of the laser job and adjust it, if necessary!

Plate size is set too small.
Solution: Follow the steps below to check the plate size setting and adjust it, if necessary:

  1. Select “Plate” > “Configure plate” in the menu.
  2. Enter the width and height in mm in the pop-up window.
    --> If you don't know the plate size:
    Enter a high value in the “Width” field (e.g.: 999).
    A window will appear with information about the current maximum engravable width.
    Repeat this step with the “Height” field to get the maximum engravable height.

Error message: The selected job cannot be placed because the process, resolution or color depth do not match the already placed pieces!

Jobs with different process types or different resolutions need to be positioned on the work plate.
The following applies in general for the positioning of several laser jobs:

  • Various process types, such as photo, stamp, relief, seal press, vector job, etc., cannot be positioned together on one plate.
  • Jobs with various resolutions cannot be positioned on one plate.

Solution: Define the process type and the resolution using the drop-down function in the printer drive when you send the laser job to the laser.

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