Wall sticker: Butterfly

Decorate your room or office with these stunning wall stickers, made using our incredibly popular TroLase Thins laser engraving material.


Material used:

  • 1 sheet TroLase Thins, colour: Brushed gold/black, cut to size 1,000 x 600 mm
  • Double-sided adhesive tape

Machine used:

  • Speedy 400
  • 120 watts
  • 2" lens
  • Nozzle with large hole diameter
  • Aluminium cutting grid table or honeycomb cutting support

Please note that if you wish to use another machine from the Speedy laser engraver series for this application, you need to consider the design. You need to scale the design accordingly and ensure that the engraving parameters are also adjusted.


The parameters we have provided refer to the butterfly in large format. The cutting takes approximately 3 minutes to complete, whilst the engraving takes approximately 35 minutes. You can hide the pre-meter settings for the engraving colour black if you wish to decrease the production time. By doing so, only the red cutting lines will be executed. We also recommend adding six smaller sized butterflies (level 2, blue lines) to the template in order to make the most of your material. To do so, you need to adjust the parameter settings for the blue cutting lines. 

You can order the TroLase Thins with self-adhesive foil on the back for a full-surface gluing.

Step by Step

Step 1: Import & Create Print & Laser Template

You can use the template we have provided or alternatively you can create your own design. Using the following settings, send the job to the laser machine.

Print settings:

Process Resolution Cutting line
Relief 500dpi none
Raster Other
- Optimised geometries, inner geometries first

Step 2: Laser process

The parameters may vary slightly depending on the laser engraving machine you are using and the available laser power. Remove the protective film from the surface of the TroLase Thin material. Place the material, with the gold side facing up, on the aluminium grid table in your laser machine. Tape the remaining narrow edge to create a strong vacuum.

Laser parameters:

Colour Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Black Engraving CO2 40 65 500
Red Cutting CO2 30 3.2 1000
Passes Air assist Z-Offset direction Path planning Advanced
1 ON +1 bottom to top - optimised quality, correction: 5
1 ON - - throughput correction: 5

Step 3: Assembly

Once the laser processing is complete, take the butterfly out of the machine. Use a soft damp cloth to remove the dust. Stick some double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the sticker and have fun decorating the wall!

With this application, you can experiment with different colours of TroLase Thins. You can also combine different size butterflies to create an impressive aesthetic wall decoration.

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