Flower Swing made from Solid Wood

Learn how to create this stunning flower swing using our high-quality and incredibly popular Solid Wood.


Required material:

Machine used:

Note: You can use any laser machine from our Speedy laser engraving series for this application.


By carefully arranging the design, this application will enable you to create two flower swings from the one sheet of Solid Wood 300mm x 600mm.

Step by Step

Step 1: Import design to print and laser

You can use the template we have provided and modify it to suit your needs. The design file is customised for 5mm thick material. Should you wish to adapt the design to suit thicker materials, simply edit the template elements.

Print the file to Job Control using the following parameters.

Print settings:

 Process Mode  Resolution  Cut Line:
 Standard Job  333dpi  none
 Halftone  Others
Colour Enhanced Geometries,
Inner Geometries first

Note: Use 333dpi resolution to achieve fast engraving with minimal processing time.

Step 2: Laser Process Solid Wood Alder

Position the solid wood on the working table and cover the remaining area in order to increase vacuum. Print to JobControl and begin engraving and cutting the wood. You can also engrave the back of the material if you want both sides of the wood to match. To do so, simply flip the cut-out shapes and place them back in the same position with the back side facing up. Repeat the engraving section of the job only. 

The parameters may need to be adjusted in order to suit your laser machine and available laser power.

Laser parameters:

Parameters Colour Process Power % Speed %
Engraving Black Engrave CO2 70 100
Cutting  Red Cutting CO2  100  
ppi/Hz Passes Air Assist Z-offset Advanced
500 1 ON +8mm -
1,000 1 ON 0mm -

Step 3: Assembly

To assemble your design, simply insert the two parts of the swing into one another and then place the circular support plate on top. You can use a ribbon or some decorative string to hang the flower swing in place. Finally, add a plant or flower of your choice and watch your creation come to life!

Why should you use Trotec's laserable wood for this decoration?

Our extensive range of laser engraving materials have been specifically tested and selected for laser engraving, marking and cutting applications. Trotec wood offers a high variation of looks and results when laser processed, including deep engraving, dark black marking and light surface marking.

Our wood sheets provide several benefits such as uniform grain structure, authentic and high-quality appearance and an optimised size to suit most Trotec laser machines.


  • This application can be created using solid wood or MDF. Be sure to adjust the notches for the joins when selecting MDF.
  • To achieve a vibrant flower swing, we recommend combining different varities of solid wood.
  • If you wish to paint the flower swing to create a unique look, we suggest using MDF as opposed to solid wood.

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