A connected solution: Laser machine. Exhaust system. Laser software.

Experience our brand new generation of Speedy smart laser machines.

Sabine Lindorfer
23. Februar 2024 •

Increase efficiency thanks to connected solutions from Trotec

Speedy laser machines are among the fastest on the market, with the focus not only on pure engraving speed, but also on the efficiency of the overall process. Our laser software Ruby® is the central hub to realize the full potential of your Speedy laser equipped with our intelligent electronics. Ruby® seamlessly connects the Speedy laser machine, Atmos extraction system, laser materials, service and support into a cohesive system that enables intelligent monitoring and optimized production.

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The Ruby® laser software becomes the central hub

Operating a laser machine generally requires at least four components that must fit together perfectly:

  1. The laser for material processing
  2. An extraction system for dust and smoke removal
  3. The material to produce your products
  4. Service and maintenance to ensure the reliable operation of your machine

There is much to consider and think about. Is the extraction activated? Is the extraction power too high or too low? Is the filter full? Is the lid open? 
This can be overwhelming at first, especially for beginners in the laser business. With the new intelligent Speedy generation, the laser, exhaust system, material and service are connected. Our Ruby® laser software acts as the central hub between the peripheral devices and takes on these monitoring tasks for you.

Trotec's networked solutions offer customers numerous benefits:

  • Retrieve measurement data such as filter status or machine errors directly on the Ruby® dashboard
  • Receive early information about when a filter change is necessary and order replacement parts in time
  • Benefit from maximum machine availability through strategic job management
  • Automatic adjustment of extraction power for each material for optimal and consistent results and intelligent energy consumption
  • Check machine information such as interlock status and laser position, even remotely but within your network

Overall, Trotec's networked solutions provide efficient and intelligent support for laser users by enabling seamless monitoring and control of various aspects of laser operation. This leads to optimized workflows and reliable results.

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