"Small steps lead to the goal."

Introducing our Regional Sales Representative for Poland - Grzegorz Łukawski

Published on: 13.11.2017

Profile: Grzegorz Łukawski

My role:
Regional Sales Representative for Trotec Laser Systems

Where I work:
Poland, voivodships: Mazovia, Lodz, Swietokrzyskie, Warminsko-Mazurskie

Employed with Trotec since: 
I've been a member of the Trotec team since 2014.

My favourite quote:
Small steps lead to the goal.

How I would describe my job:

I help introduce new customers to Trotec, and provide customer service to exisiting Trotec users. My main duties include: presenting laser systems, meetings, negotiations, trainings and consulting.

What a typical day looks like...

….I attend a lot of meetings presenting laser systems to new potential clients and preparing proposals for new laser systems.

The coolest thing about my job is...

I enjoy meeting with clients from a diverse range of industries, and working with them to gain a betetr understanding of their business from 'the inside'.

The thing I value most about Trotec is:

The Trotec brands strong international reputation.

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