U300's speed combined with the simplicity of Ruby® laser software

Alexander Schikowski
25. März 2024 • 7 min

Maximum efficiency, a streamlined workflow and future-proof productivity.

In the dynamic world of laser technology, we proudly introduce an outstanding integration that promises to elevate your marking and engraving capabilities to unparalleled heights. The U300 Galvo laser marker, renowned for its precision and lightning-fast speed, meets the simplicity of our advanced laser software Ruby®. This combination amplifies the U300’s capabilities and ushers in a new era of efficient and seamless laser operations. In this article, we will have a closer look at the U300 and how the pairing with Ruby® can benefit your workflow, productivity, and flexibility.

Little space, big impact.

The U300, designed and manufactured in Austria, is a galvo laser system characterized by high-speed performance, making it the ideal choice for individual pieces and small batch production. The U300’s compact footprint ensures that little space is needed for maximum functionality, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate it into your workflow. With this space-saving design featuring a marking area of up to 190 x 190 mm, it caters to diverse industries, including promotional product companies, engravers specializing in personalization, and manufacturing.

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Flexible and optimised workflow.

The integration of Ruby® with the U300 laser marker opens up new possibilities for businesses seeking enhanced productivity and application flexibility. The high focus tolerance of a U300 offers exceptional flexibility for versatile applications even on uneven products, whether the component is round, or the surface is corrugated.

With our Ruby® laser software, your team can work in parallel workflows. This means that your team can seamlessly divide tasks and operate on multiple stages of your laser projects simultaneously. While one team member focuses on designing and preparing laser jobs in Ruby®, another can operate the U300 on-site. This streamlined process ensures different orders can be handled at the same time without disrupting ongoing laser processes. The ability to manage multiple facets of laser jobs concurrently empowers your team to meet tighter deadlines and handle a higher volume of projects with precision.

Ultimately, our Ruby® laser software facilitates a synchronised and efficient working environment, translating into improved output and resulting customer satisfaction.

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Effortless file handling.

Say farewell to the hassle of juggling multiple graphic software programs inhouse. Benefit from the convenience of directly importing a variety of file formats into Ruby®, including pdf, svg, ai, or dxf. This eliminates laborious steps resulting from printer drivers or customer queries regarding alternative file formats. Thanks to the improved workflow, you ensure precise processing without delays that could raise additional costs.

Beyond streamlining operations, Ruby® empowers you with the ability to make minor short-term customisations for your customers, thereby boosting flexibility and significantly reducing the necessity for multiple correction loops. The impact on your laser company is profound, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and an elevated level of customer satisfaction.

User-friendly interface.

Ruby® features a self-explanatory user interface that provides a clear overview of its functions. Understandable terms, symbols, and abbreviations, accompanied by concrete explanations, make it easy for users to navigate and utilise the software effectively. This user-friendly interface enables users to effortlessly control the software and harness its capabilities effectively. Therefore, Ruby® is not only geared towards seasoned professionals but also accommodates individuals who may be new to laser technology or software applications.

Free Trotec video tutorials add another layer of support to the user experience. By offering comprehensive training materials, companies can ensure that their teams are experienced in utilising Ruby® within a short timeframe – less than two hours, to be precise. This facilitates a smooth transition to the new software, reducing downtime and potential disruptions to the laser business's operations.

Future-proof your operations.

Prepare your company for future requirements with Ruby®, the universal software solution designed for almost all Trotec laser machines. Eliminate the need for employees to familiarise themselves with different programs, as Ruby® serves as a single software solution for a potential fleet of Trotec machines. As employees become proficient in navigating a singular, intuitive software, the learning curve diminishes significantly, translating into reduced training costs and increased productivity. Additionally, the compatibility of Ruby® across different Trotec machines fosters a cohesive and streamlined workflow within the organisation.

Enhanced productivity without additional workforce.

When adding a U300 with Ruby® to another Trotec machine, one notable asset lies in the significant increase in productivity without the necessity of hiring additional personnel or investing in extensive software training. The same person who operated a Speedy laser engraving machine, for example, can seamlessly use the U300 with the familiar and intuitive software.

The Ruby® software training and initial setup for a new U300 require less than four hours, thereby enabling the completion of first high-speed laser marking jobs within this brief timeframe. Moreover, the integration of U300 with Ruby® allows for smooth transitions between the U300 and other Trotec machines like the Speedy. This capability ensures a continuous workflow, maximizing the turnover by optimizing the utilization of each machine based on specific job requirements. In practical terms, while the U300 is actively engaged in a marking task, the Speedy can concurrently handle other jobs, resulting in enhanced overall efficiency.

Additionally, the ability to effortlessly distribute and shift jobs between a Speedy and a U300 as needed provides your business with a strategic advantage. This adaptability ensures that you can allocate resources dynamically, responding promptly to varying workloads and optimizing machine usage to meet fluctuating demands.

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Take your business to new heights of efficiency and profitability.

For businesses seeking to add significant value to their products through precise and efficient laser technology, the U300 with Ruby® is the ultimate solution. This new powerful combination improves operations with parallel task capabilities and a user-friendly interface, boosts productivity without requiring more staff, and ensures a consistent high level of quality. Take your business to new heights of efficiency and profitability with Trotec's all-in-one solution, covering everything from the machine to service.

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