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Laser training

The Trotec Academy provides training courses and seminars on materials processing, laser cutting and laser engraving. Here, laser users and materials customers receive valuable tips and advice from our experienced application specialists. The seminars comprise theory as well as hands-on work with various laser machines and diverse materials, depending on the focus of the course. For optimal results, you will work in very small groups to gather as much experience from direct work with the lasers. You also have the option of bringing along your material and getting personal advice from our trainers.

Seminar programs

The most popular courses include, for example, photo engraving, acrylic cutting and wood processing. You will learn how to make your engravings and cuts more precise, and which laser settings to use to achieve even more impressive effects. We also offer software trainings for CorelDraw and the JobControl Laser Software. You will learn how to improve the quality of your engravings or to save time with the proper software settings.

Individual Training Courses

Apart from our seminar program, you can also book individual trainings in your area. Your individual program will be created with a trainer who will adress your specific needs. Contact us to learn more about these options.

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