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Published on: 14.03.2016

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Trotec presents the world's first Virtual Rotary

Easy, Fast and High Quality Marking in 3D with the world’s most productive virtual rotary.

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Tags: Technology & Innovation

Laser engraver - the future-proof addition to mechanical engraving

We’ll give you 5 reasons why you should buy a laser engraving machine.

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Is a laser machine really the right investment?

Three questions engravers ask themselves before buying a laser engraver.

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Now Launched! - Ruby for SP500 laser cutter

Laser software re-defined.

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Tags: Corporate News

How engravers evolve

Experiences from “Wee County Trophies” with a laser engraving machine from Trotec

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Meet us at virtual.drupa 2021

At Trotec HQ, preparations for virtual.drupa 2021, which will take place virtually from April 20 to 23, 2021, are already in full swing. As a strong and reliable partner for the printing industry, we will be presenting the star lineup of the Speedy and SP product lines as well as the GSL1400 label converter. See the program that we've planned for you ...

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Tags: Events

Expert presentation about Laser Technology in Print Applications

Laser expert Michael Garstenauer will demonstrate the advantages of laser technology for the print industry during the new digital interactive format of virtual.drupa - the Preview Day on February 23. Register now.

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Tags: Technology & Innovation

All a laser cutter needs: We launch the Q Series.

Setting new standards by combining all the Trotec virtues you need for efficient laser cutting.

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Tags: Corporate News

cardboard furniture laser cutting

Free laser templates for schools and universities

For pupils and students we have put together some highlights from our free laser templates. Check them out now.

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Tags: DIY: Templates & Instructions


Laser safety at universities and colleges

Do’s and don’ts for using the laser cutter in educational institutions.

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Tags: Technology & Innovation

Digitalization in skilled crafts and trades

Digitalization is everywhere and has become indispensable. Read our Blog to find out how this technological and social change affects the skilled crafts and trades industry.

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Tags: Laser Business

laser engraving advertising gift

Personalize merchandise with individual laser engraving

Whether for Christmas, a company party or as a small gift for employees – personalized promotional items are welcome gifts. A company logo or someone’s name emotionalizes an everyday object and makes it something very special.

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Tags: Technology & Innovation

Lasercut cork pinboard

Sustainable promotional items are trendy!

Sustainable promotional products became trendy and popular within the past few years. Why is laser engraving a good choice for producing these kind of products? Read our Blog for details.

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Tags: Technology & Innovation

ball pen laser engraved

Three tips on how to make a profit with small quantities of promotional items

Smart composition of the product portfolio, rely on an online shop, use laser technology. Read our strategies for the creation of value!

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Tags: Laser Business

Launched now! - Ruby 1.1

Introducing Ruby for Mac, multiple clients to one laser, svg-import and much more. Check it out now!

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Tags: Laser Software

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