Laser Cutting Machine for Large-Format Materials: SP-xP Series

  • Laser cutting and engraving high volumes and large areas from 1245 x 1680 mm (49 x 28 in) to 3210 x 2210 mm (126 x 87 in).
  • Seamless integration into your production and material processes, enhancing efficiency and workflow. 
  • Central, smart system control forms a powerful unit of SP-xP laser machine, cooling unit, and exhaust system, streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.

Why should you buy a SP-xP laser cutting machine from Trotec?

Laser protection panels 

Our retractable laser protection panels (laser class 2 rating) are designed to enhance efficiency and safety in your workspace. They allow full view of the processing area and laser job, and facilitate easy loading and unloading. 

OptiFlow-xP: revolutionizing airflow management 

This innovative OptiFlow-xP extraction and airflow concept ensures efficient smoke and dust removal. It enhances precision, extending machine service life, and minimizing maintenance costs. 

Boost productivity with Section Mode 

This innovative functionality enables up to four independent laser applications in a single pass, optimizing the production process and streamlining workflow. 

Centralized Smart System Control with Ruby® Software 

The Ruby® laser software for our laser cutters integrates all components of SP-xP series efficiently. It monitors performance and conditions of the peripheral devices like exhaust or water chiller. Get real-time data access of ambient temperature, air pressure and many more via an intuitive dashboard.

The SP-xP series: precision and productivity in large-format laser cutting


All machines in the SP-xP series have a super-pulsed CO2 laser source (wavelength 10600 nm), high-resolution motion system, 4-sided access, a central, smart system control, actively cooled mirrors, programmable second Z-axis, OptiMotion™, Sonar Technology™, industrial-grade components, InPack Technology™ and the Ruby® laser software for large format.

Technical data

Working area (W x D) 3210 x 2210 mm | 126 x 87 in 
Laser power   180 – 500 W 
Max. processing speed  1.5 m/s | 59 ips
Max. workpiece height  50 mm | 1.97 in 

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Unlock enhanced efficiency with connected solutions

With our SP-xP laser cutting machines we prioritize the efficiency of the entire workflow, not only on pure cutting speed. With our Ruby® laser software, we offer a comprehensive networked solution designed to maximize the potential of your SP-xP laser cutting machine. 

Ruby® is the central control hub, seamlessly integrating various components including the laser machine, laser cooling system, extraction system, laser materials, service, and support. This unified system enables intelligent monitoring and optimization of production processes. Streamline operations, boost productivity, and achieve unparalleled results with our innovative approach to laser cutting and engraving technology. 

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SP-xP features, options, and accessories

Laser protection panels

Laser protection panels

Our retractable laser safety panels offer convenience and safety in your workspace, with a Class 2 rating, clear visibility, and easy loading for efficient operations.
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OptiFlow-xP extraction and air guidance for processing table and laser head revolutionize laser cutting, offering precision, superior quality, and exceptional performance for every project.
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Section mode

Section mode

Boost productivity and ensure continuous, safe operation with section mode in the SP-xP series, enabling up to four applications in one pass for diverse designs and materials.
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Central, smart control

Central, smart control

Ruby® acts as the central control for SP-xP series, linking laser, extraction, and cooling. Monitor axis and mirror temperature precisely, with customizable dashboards for informed decisions.
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Explore additional features, options, and accessories


Ergonomic excellence

Clever designed ergonomic layout, granting unrestricted access to the laser cutter from all four sides. Easy adaptable for integration into existing spatial configurations.


Modular versatility

Facilitating swift access to all components for quick replacement, without the need for specialized tools. Ensures minimal downtime, maximizing productivity and operational continuity.


Rapid cutting performance

Accelerated production processes thanks to swift cutting and engraving speeds, propelled by a super-pulsed laser source. Rapid position changes between cutting geometries.


Efficient extraction systems

Partnering seamlessly with SP-xP laser cutters, Trotec's Atmos Power Jet extraction systems efficiently eliminate dust and fumes. Enhance operational safety and cleanliness.


Vision Print&Cut integration

A built-in camera identifies register marks, facilitating precise and efficient cutting of printed materials. Seamless integration between printing and cutting processes.


Processing tables

Select the ideal table configuration to suit your specific application needs and achieve impeccable results with ease: aluminum grid, aluminum lamella, large and small honeycomb (12.5 or 6.4 mm), and rigid tables.


InPack Technology

Protects vital machine components from dirt and dust. Engineered to shield sensitive elements such as axes, laser heads, optics, and lense. Ensures uninterrupted performance even during heavy-duty usage.


Diverse focus lenses

To suit your specific application needs. Enhance precision and versatility with lenses designed for various cutting and engraving tasks.


Actively cooled mirrors

Prevent particle burn-in and prolong mirror lifespan. Monitor mirror temperature through the dashboard of our central, smart system control.


Laser power upgrade

Upgrade to higher laser power effortlessly. Enhance productivity and expand your application possibilities.


Automatic focusing

With just a click, the ultrasonic sensor on the laser head detects the workpiece surface, ensuring precise and efficient processing.



Optimize cutting performance on materials like wood. Improve results and achieve greater efficiency with compressed air assistance.


CE certificate

Rest assured knowing our machines meet all official requirements and adhere to strict safety standards, as evidenced by our CE certification.


Touch panel

Manage job preparation with your computer while using the touch panel to process job lists. Intuitive operation and enhanced efficiency.

Laser efficiency with Ruby® software: seamlessly transition from concept to finished lasered product.

Ruby® laser software is your ultimate tool for efficient laser operation. Do you often have problems with opening customers’ files? With Ruby®, just drag and drop any graphic file into the software. No need to open them in a separate graphic editor. Ruby® is accessible from PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile, whether you're right by the machine or anywhere within your network. While the laser works on current jobs, prep the next ones from anywhere you want to.  

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What materials can you engrave,cut or mark?





Acrylics -
Glass - -
Plastic sheets
Metal - -
Paper -
Stone - -
Textiles -
Wood -

See full list of materials here 

Technical data

  SP3000-xP  SP2000-xP  SP1600-xP  SP500
Working area (W x D) 3210 x 2210 mm |
126 x 87 in
2510 x 1680 mm | 99 x 66 in 1245 x 1680 mm | 49 x 66 in 1245 x 710 mm | 49 x 28 in
Max. height of workpiece  50 mm | 1.97 in  50 mm | 1.97 in  50 mm | 1.97 in  95 mm | 3.7 in 
Overall dimensions (W x D x H)  3468 x 4341 x 1281 mm | 137 x 171 x 50 in    2938 x 3661 x 1281  mm | 115 x 144 x 50 in 2938 x 2381 x 1,281  mm | 115 x 93 x 50 in  1920 x 1240 x1140 mm | 75 x 48  x 45 in
Max. processing speed 1.5 m/s | 59 ips 1.5 m/s | 59 ips 1.5 m/s | 59 ips 2.54 m/s | 100 ips 
Acceleration 10 m/s² | 393 ips² 10 m/s² | 393 ips² 10 m/s² | 393 ips² 19 m/s² | 748 ips²
Technology motion system Brushless DC servo motors Brushless DC servo motors Brushless DC servo motors Brushless DC servo motors
Laser power 180 – 500 W  180 – 500 W  180 – 500 W  120 – 200 W 
Laser class 2 2 2 2
Weight (depending on laser power)  Approx. 2610 kg | 5754 lbs Approx. 2160 kg | 4762 lbs Approx. 1450 kg | 3197 lbs Approx. 500 kg | 1102 lbs


Areas of application for the SP-xP laser cutting machine

Transforming signage and display production

Transforming signage and display production

Elevate your display production with SP-xP laser cutting machines, delivering efficient creation of high-quality displays featuring intricate details and precise small radii. Expand design possibilities with engraving functionality, while Vision Print&Cut ensures accurate cutting of printed materials, minimizing waste. Experience unparalleled speed, cleanliness, and precision compared to traditional print finishing technologies.
Signage & display production
Redefining furniture construction and interior design

Redefining furniture construction and interior design

Discover limitless possibilities in furniture construction and interior design with SP-xP laser cutters. Whether cutting solid wood or MDF panels for furniture, veneer decks for modern inlays, or achieving decorative engravings with fine details, the SP-xP delivers unparalleled precision. Benefit from the super-pulsed laser source, minimizing visible traces of cutting, and achieve precise cuts even on printed materials with Print&Cut technology.
Unlock a world of possibilities in technical film cutting

Unlock a world of possibilities in technical film cutting

From labels, stickers, and patterns to membrane keyboards and beyond, the SP-xP effortlessly handles cutting tasks, whether for individual items or large series production. Experience the precision of digital laser cutting, enabling controlled fusing of film edges, even with printing. Say goodbye to issues like printing breakage or unclean cuts on small radii or corners. With the super-pulsed laser source, the SP-xP can even cut films with a metal layer, expanding your capabilities like never before.
Film cutting

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