Adjusting the air flow shutter
properly and achieving optimum suction

Some applications require a strong vacuum, while others need powerful suction through the exhaust slots. To achieve the perfect result, use the air flow shutter to control the extraction air flow.

How to adjust the air flow shutter

The Trotec air flow shutter regulates the air flow between the exhaust system and the exhaust connection on the Speedy 300, Speedu 360, Speedy 400 or SP500 when using a vacuum table.

Adjusting the air flow shutter is easy. By reducing the air flow on this exhaust connection, the suction at the table is automatically increased, creating higher vacuum or increasing the extraction of fumes from the table, respectively.
This leads to an improved hold of films, paper and other thin materials. In addition, the cutting quality with acrylic or other plastic materials is increased as the resulting fumes are extracted immediately, leading to clear and shiny cutting edges.

Adjusting the air flow shutter

laser exhaust system throttle

Shutter position: closed


Full suction at the vacuum table No extraction via the exhaust slots in the processing area

When to use

Ideal for cutting

laser exhaust throttle valve

Shutter position: partially open


When the air flow shutter opening is narrow, more pressure will act at the vacuum table, and less fume will be removed in the processing area.

When to use

Ideal for combining engraving and cutting with low dust generation

laser exhaust system throttle valve

Shutter position: open


Suction at the table and in the processing area are normal, as if no air flow shutter were installed

When to use

Ideal in case of strong dust development, e.g. when engraving stamp rubber

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