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Kaarsen van bijenwas

Stapsgewijze handleiding

Op zoek naar een leuk en creatief kerstproject? Handgemaakte kerstkaarsen van bijenwas zijn leuk en gemakkelijk te maken. Met wat eenvoudig lasersnijden en handrollen kunt u unieke en gepersonaliseerde geschenken of decoraties maken die een prachtige geur van bijenwas verspreiden. Maak van de gelegenheid gebruik om deze zoet geurende kaarsen aan te steken en een echt zoete en heerlijke kerst te vieren. Hieronder vindt u een stap-voor-stap handleiding om te laten zien hoe u ze kunt maken.


Benodigd materiaal: Kaarsjes voor in de kerstboom

één vel bijenwas (215mm x 100mm) in groen
een naturelkleurig vel bijenwas
(215mm x 100mm) in het groen
één naturelkleurig

Benodigd materiaal: Kaarslont

restjes bijenwas in verschillende kleuren voor decoraties
stuk papier voor de mal

Benodigd materiaal: Kerstman kaars

één vel bijenwas (215mm x 100mm) in rood
een naturelkleurig vel bijenwas
(215mm x 100mm) in rood
een natuurlijke gekleurde

Trotec laser used
  • Speedy 100, 60 Watt
  • Speedy 300, 80 Watt
  • snijtafel
Kaarsen van bijenwas


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Stap voor stap

laser cutting beeswax candle
Stap 1

Step 1: Design

First open the template at the bottom of this page (provided in both CorelDraw and pdf formats). Import the design into Job Control to process the job.

beeswax candle laser engraving
Stap 2

Step 2: Laser Processing

Cutting the body of the candles
Place the beeswax sheets on the jig. Create the bodies of the candles using the laser cutter to cut the beeswax diagonally and/or straight.

Cutting ornaments
Include decorative designs such as stars, stockings, and snowmen to laser-cut. Because the wax is sticky, the sides of cuts easily re-adhere to one another, so make sure to remove your ornaments from the surrounding beeswax sheets immediately after cutting them.

beewax candle for christmas
Stap 3

Step 3: Parameter Settings


Cutting: Power 20%, Speed 2.5%, Frequency 1,000Hz, Pass 3, Air Assist ON


Cutting: Power 30%, Speed 0.5%, Frequency 1,000Hz, Pass 1, Air Assist ON

Stap 4

Step 4: Sheet Rolling

Christmas tree
Warm the cut body of the Christmas tree with your hands or a dryer. Then overlay the green wax with the yellow (or cream-colored) wax as shown in the photograph. Next place the candle wick along the edge where you will start rolling, and gently roll the sheets together by hand.

As shown in the photo, layout the red and white sheets so they are touching. Then place the candle wick along the edge where you will start rolling. Gently roll the sheets together by hand, making sure that the red and white sheets do not separate from each other. Roll another layer of red over the top of the Santa candle you have just created to make Santa’s clothes, and be sure to leave a bit of white exposed for his face.

candle santa clause laser
Stap 5

Step 5: Decorating with Ornaments

Take two of the star shapes that have been cut out and warm them in your hands. Then apply them to the tip of the Christmas tree and sandwich the wick.
For small details such as eyes, roll pieces of leftover wax into small balls and apply them to the body of the candles using toothpicks. These parts should be sticky enough without having to use adhesives. 

Warm the small wax pieces up with your hands and then push them firmly so that they stick to the body of the candles. The body of these decorations is comprised of two layers. You can also make plain candles by placing a wick between these layers and then pressing them together. You can also sandwich a toothpick at the case of the layers to make stick candles. 

beeswax candle laser cut
Stap 6

Step 6: Hints

  • When cutting the body of the candles, we recommend making a paper jig to use when you laser cut the wax.
  • Because the beeswax is naturally sticky, be sure to remove the designed ornaments quickly. Edges that are cut quickly harden as time passes. If the sides of the lines that have been cut are given an opportunity to re-adhere to one another, it becomes difficult to remove the ornaments from the surrounding beeswax sheets.
  • We do not recommend detailed designs with sharp corners and lettering because they are very difficult to remove from surrounding beeswax sheets.
  • The process of rolling and having candle layers stick together can be very difficult in low-temperature environments. For better results, work in warm locations within 15℃ to 25℃ room temperature for the laser.
  • Tools such as scissors, rulers, cutting mats, toothpicks and blow dryers can be handy when making candles.

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