Techniques Beneficial for Making Signs

Depending on the material used and the price the customer is prepared to pay, there are numerous ways to produce attractive, creative and informative signs with the laser. We use some examples to show you the individual techniques of laser processing for the creation of signs.

Easy engraving

The quickest and easiest way to make signs is a simple engraving process in which the top layer of the material is ablated, exposing the carrier layer. Here you see a comparison between a doctor’s sign made of TroGlass Reverse backfilled in black on the left, and one made of TroLase Metallic on the right. And the same sign in comparison made of solid wood on the left and of anodized aluminum on the right.

One material – several colors:
Easy engraving on engraving materials

Plastic plates with multiple color layers are particularly suitable for processing. You can find more details in the Tips and Tricks on processing of our engraving materials.

Light and dark engraving effects:
Easy engraving on wood

Wood is also excellent for sign-making. Various parameter settings can be used to create light and dark engraving effects. Our grayscale matrix shows you how to find the right parameters.

Signs for outdoor use:
Easy engraving on anodized aluminum

Anodized aluminum can be processed quickly and precisely and used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the material can be processed with the CO₂ and fiber laser source as well.

3D effect by combining different materials

By using different materials in one sign, a variety of values can be generated from the same graphic. This creates great 3D effects that enhance the sign. The signs are laser-produced in an instant and require little or no post-processing.

Engraving with simple applications

Parking sign with trolase ada

Setting color accents

To further enhance a plain engraved sign, color accents can be added by gluing on elements, for example made of TroLase ADA or other materials. This allows you to combine several colors in one sign and create great 3D effects.

Annealing marking:
Processing with the fiber laser

Depending on customer requirements, the processing can be carried out with the fiber laser as well. In this manner, metal signs can be provided with an annealing engraving, giving them an even more classy appearance. Caution: thin plates of stainless steel (approx. 1 mm) may warp or bulge due to the heat during annealing. Therefore, avoid engraving large areas.

Multi-layer signs

Inspirations for LED signs

For even more complex and interesting applications, several layers of various materials can be combined. For multi-layer signs, the individual elements of different sizes are glued to one another in a staggered arrangement. Our samples illustrate the great possibilities and 3D effects resulting from this.

For easier and faster production of multi-layer signs, plates with double-sided adhesive film are well suited. Please make sure that adhesive materials do not protrude beyond the layer below. If you cannot use plates with adhesive film, we recommend using adhesive tape or adhesives suitable for the material, to be applied manually.

Detailed instructions for creating multi-layer signs can be found here:

DIY Laser Sample

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