Excellent cutting results and more output thanks to our innovative suction concept

  • The SP-xP has an innovative extraction and air guidance concept for precise results and machine service life. 
  • Intelligent table base with 16 areas for uniform extraction performance and easy cleaning. 
  • New type of processing head with innovative suction for even air flow and protected mirrors. 
  • Possibility to feed up to 2 process gases for improved cutting quality and individual settings for each area in section mode. 

Efficient gas and dust extraction are paramount for achieving precise cutting and engraving results while prolonging the lifespan of the laser machine. With the OptiFlow-xP system, the SP-xP incorporates an innovative extraction and airflow concept, starting at various key points: 

Intelligent table design

The table base of the SP-xP is intelligently divided into 16 areas, ensuring even distribution of extraction power across the entire processing table. This feature remains effective regardless of whether the processing surface is fully covered or only small sheets of material are being processed.

Effective particle removal

Fumes, dust, and particles are efficiently extracted and removed from the sides of the machine. Smaller parts are separated using the small parts separator, preventing them from entering the filter or extraction system. This proactive approach saves both time and costs associated with filter replacement and cleaning.

Ventilation openings within the machining

Segmented ventilation ccntrolarea can be selectively opened and closed on a segment-by-segment basis. Closed ventilation openings facilitate the creation of a vacuum, ensuring material lies flat during processing. Conversely, open ventilation openings enhance airflow underneath the material, swiftly and effectively removing smoke and fumes.

Innovative processing head 

  • The cutting-edge extraction system integrated into the laser head (with certain components under patent pending) ensures a consistent airflow, swiftly and efficiently eliminating smoke and gas. This guarantees high-quality and uniform laser cuts as well as precise engraving results. 
  • Mirrors are actively air-purged, safeguarding them against burn-in or contamination. This proactive measure reduces costs associated with lens replacement. Furthermore, each mirror undergoes monitoring through our status and service cockpit, ensuring optimal performance. 
  • Particles are guided along the X-axis via a rail system and subsequently transported away. If necessary, this rail can be conveniently accessed and manually cleaned, ensuring uninterrupted operation. 
  • Depending on the material being processed, the supply of process gases is essential for maintaining or enhancing cutting quality. The SP-xP accommodates connections for up to two process gases, typically including compressed air. Control over gas supply is facilitated through material parameters within Ruby®, allowing for individualized settings for each section in Section Mode. 

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