Modular maintenance concept

Fast maintenance, fast production again

  • SP-xP laser cutter is easy to maintain
  • All parts are easily accessible and can be replaced without special tools 
  • Various lens and table variants available 
  • Laser source and laser head can be replaced quickly and easily 

Maintaining the SP-xP laser cutter is a breeze, thanks to its accessible design and tool-free replacement capabilities. Here's why: 

Lens replacement made simple

The lens, housed within a lens tube, can be swiftly removed with software assistance, taking just minutes. This feature streamlines routine tasks like lens cleaning or replacement. Plus, you can select from various lens sizes (2.5 inch, 5 inch, or 7.5 inch), all conveniently stored within the control desk.

Versatile table inserts

The table inserts are easily reachable and can be swapped out depending on the material being worked on. With options including an aluminum grid cutting table, aluminum slat cutting table, and tables featuring small or large honeycombs, users have flexibility tailored to their needs.

Effortless laser source maintenance

To remove the laser source, simply loosen 3 screws. Upgrading to a higher laser power or replacing the source entirely can be accomplished in less than an hour.

Quick laser head replacement

When maintenance is necessary, the entire laser head can be removed and replaced within minutes, ensuring minimal downtime.

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