Central, smart system control

Laser machine, cooling unit, compressed air and extraction system combined into one powerful unit

  • Ruby®, the central control system for the SP-xP, seamlessly integrates the laser machine, extraction system, and cooling unit for optimal performance. 
  • Dashboard control: Utilize the dashboard to manage axis positions and monitor mirror temperatures, providing precise control over critical parameters. 
  • Peripheral device management: Ruby® meticulously oversees peripheral devices, such as initiating water cooling ahead of the laser operation or regulating extraction power based on material requirements. 
  • Customizable dashboard: The dashboard consolidates vital machine data into a single, customizable interface. Users can tailor settings such as positions, ventilation openings, and temperatures to suit specific preferences or operational needs. 

Our Ruby® laser software serves as the command hub for the SP-xP, seamlessly integrating the laser machine, extraction system, and cooling unit into a unified, high-performance system. With the Ruby® dashboard, users can easily monitor and control essential data points such as ambient and mirror temperatures, current axis positions, and focus settings. 

Precise peripheral device control

Ruby® orchestrates the operation of all peripheral devices with precision. For instance, it automatically initiates the water cooling system prior to laser usage. Similarly, the PowerJet extraction system and Vent3000 are activated before the commencement of laser tasks, entering standby mode when not in use. 

Comprehensive dashboard features

The Ruby® Status and Service Cockpit offers automated monitoring of critical components vital for laser operations. Through the Ruby® remote URL, users can access and monitor key values within their company network, including: 

  • X or Y axis positions on the processing table 
  • Laser head position above the material 
  • Activation status of laser safety panels 
  • Control of ventilation openings and table extraction via OptiFlow-xP 
  • Temperature readings for mirror, ambient, and cooling water 

Customization options enable users to tailor the display according to their specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration with their workflow. 

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