In focus: TroCraft Eco

What is TroCraft Eco?

With many businesses looking for environmentally friendly solutions for products, TroCraft Eco is the perfect material for crafting. Made from pure celluloise fibers, TroCraft Eco is emission free when laser cut and engraved and is fully biodegradable. Available in three different material thicknesses, TroCraft Eco is both flexible and durable, making the ideal material for creating toys and models, packagind design and much more.  If you're looking for an alternative to traditional wood products, read on to find out what makes troCraft Eco the idela choice for the eco concious business. 

Get the best results when processing TroCraft Eco

Get tips and tricks for processing

Video: Processing TroCraft Eco

Laser cutting and engraving TroCraft Eco is an easy process. Watch this video from Trotec USA where they show you how to easily laser cut the material to create a model rocking chair. This example is easy to assemble, allowing quick turn around from design to finished product. 

Do it yourself projects

As a soecially created laser material, TroiCraft Eco is perfect for a range of different craft creations. We have created a selection of different tutorials showcasing the material to allow you to make the most of it and to give you inspiration for your own crafts. 3D elephant decoration Rocking chair Snackbowl