The laser cutter as a versatile design tool for weddings

Laser cut wedding invitations, custom wedding décor, laser cut place cards and personalized wedding ornaments.

What your laser cutter can design for weddings.

It's hard to imagine a wedding without personalized products that have been made with a laser cutter. Whether elegant or rustic, for a large or a small celebration: The personal touch and individuality matter more at a wedding than at any other special occasion. From laser-cut wedding invitations and custom wedding décor to cake toppers, a laser cutter offers a wide range of options. Since the laser can implement virtually any design, there are no limits to creativity. Using a laser cutter, you can profitably implement one-offs, small batches and larger series.

Using a laser cutter for wedding invitations.

Any wedding celebration officially starts with the invitations. Whether classic or modern, they should be of high quality. A laser cutter can meet every requirement:

  • It can cut delicate details precisely.
  • It can implement virtually any design.
  • Laser engraving produces tangible haptic effects.
  • Even small fonts can be engraved with ease.

At the same time, laser processing of paper materials is simple and fast. By embellishing the paper and offering unlimited design options, you can offer your customers significant added value for their wedding invitations.

Custom wedding décor made of wood, acrylic and other materials.

With a laser cutter, you can cater to individual requests for a wedding. Laser cut lettering and signs, personalized wedding ornaments and wooden ring boxes are all popular, as are laser engraved glasses. Other popular materials include acrylic in pastel or bright colors, and leather. A CO2 laser cutter can be used to process all of these materials.

Materials that a laser can process and which are popular at weddings include: wood, paper, acrylic, glass, leather, cork, textile, slate and many more...

How to do more using a laser cutter for weddings.

You’ll increase your profit, your customers will save time.

Use your laser cutter to offer a comprehensive wedding package. For many, the wedding is the most wonderful day of their life, but it does mean a lot of organization in advance. The wedding couple will thank you for having a single contact person for this. Usually, the theme, logo and design elements run through the wedding and lend themselves perfectly to other personalized elements. For you, additional laser engraved or laser cut products in an existing design mean little extra effort, while your customers can save valuable time. The wedding couple especially appreciates the design elements of their special day. Laser processing increases the value of the initial product greatly, and in turn creates substantial profits.

What does it take to start using a laser cutter for weddings?

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What you can make when you use a laser cutter for weddings:

Get inspired by on-trend ideas using a laser cutter for weddings and expand your offer.

How to make money with personalization.

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What laser cutters are suitable for weddings?

The laser engravers and cutters of the Speedy series offer a real competitive advantage: They create significant added value for products made of wood, paper, plastic or glass. Discover the speed, intelligent functions and innovative technical design.

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