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Green Lab is an open innovation lab and ecosystem allowing innovators to design sustainable solutions for a variety of applications including urban food. The recent addition of a Speedy 100 laser has brought new possibilities to the lab, including the ability to prototype and produce applications in-house.
London based open access workshop, Building BloQs, utilise an SP500 within their workshop, allowing members to produce a variety of applications. Having previously owned an unreliable laser machine, the purchase of a Trotec laser has become the start of an ongoing partnership between Building BloQs and Trotec.
The Shibaura Institute of Technology installed laser cutters for children's workshops to give them knowledge about architectural flows and the profession of an architect.
Saxion FabLab Enschede: a laser system is indispensable for FabLabs. FabLab Enschede is sharing their experience with Trotec Laser and their machines.
Trotec's Speedy 300 is the star attraction of South London Makerspace. Check out what you can do with a laser.
University College Dublin's School of Architecture Planning choose a Trotec laser cutter for architectural models, layered contour maps and more.
andMade.kitasando (in Sendagaya, in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward), is a new fashion-dedicated fabrication hub that opened in April of 2017. A Trotec laser cutter is used to finish accessories, buttons.
Projects in arts and science: The Tehnology Center for Education Support in Moscow uses a Speedy 100 for the creation of 3D objects and laser pyrography.
Stangel PHU has been operating on the market since 1990. It specializes in construction of scale models of buildings and equipment of such models at any scale.
Bringing laser marking in-house saves Andec Supplies thousands of pounds a year and broadens their service portfolio.
Purchasing a Speedy 400 has enabled students at The University of Sheffield's School of Architecture to process their architectural projects twice as fast.
The 80-watt CO2 laser cutter not only unlocks a myriad of opportunities for members, but also sparks creativity, enthusiasm and inspiration.
Düsseldorf Chamber of Skilled Crafts focuses on regional quality for production equipment used in vocational training.
At UniBw M, book covers are engraved quickly and precisely with the laser under high-quality standards.
The electrical engineering company Magnet-Schultz in Germany aims to familiarize the future skilled workers with different processing methods. Therefore, the company regularly invests in the latest production technology.
The decision to become a Trotec customer was made because Trotec offers not only high cutting and engraving quality but also the security of a European brand and local technical service. The technical advice available at any time offers the certainty of always being accompanied.
A brief summary of the most important pillars: productivity or quality of laser engraving and laser cutting, low running costs, user-friendliness and safety.
7 of our Trotec experts give you their personal tips for founders for a successful start to your laser business.
Which laser for engraving and cutting is the right one for my requirements? How much does a laser machine cost? What functions make a laser future-proof?
Check out the differences between lasers and milling machines and how using a laser for arcylic processing increases productivity.
Digitalization is everywhere and has become indispensable. Read our Blog to find out how this technological and social change affects the skilled crafts and trades industry.
Do’s and don’ts for using the laser cutter in educational institutions.
For pupils and students we have put together some highlights from our free laser templates. Check them out now.

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