Covid-19 protective masks

Instructions to create protective face masks and face shields to combat the spread of COVID-19

Since safe respirators and surgical masks are often in short supply, we have compiled a variety of files for Covid-19 protective elements for you on this page:

  • protective face shields
  • face masks, ear guards
  • information shields
  • acrylic door openers

Important: These parts do not offer one hundred percent protection against infections, but they can serve as an alternative. Furthermore, these parts are not certified.

Face shield made from one piece of PET .007"

We modified a design we got from ThingiVerse to help laser users around the world create these face shield with only 1 piece of material!

Download graphic files

Further information (in English):

Protective Face Shields

We are inspired by our customers who are actively seeking out ways to combat the spread of COVID-19 using their laser machines. As the world faces shortages in medical supplies, we must protect those on the front lines as much as possible.

Download graphic files

PPE Face Masks with sewing

This laser video tutorial will give you the information on how to create protective face masks using your laser and sewing machine.

Download graphic files

Face Masks without sewing

From a 40 x 20 cm piece of fabric (size S) and 2 rubber bands of 30 cm each you can quickly and easily make a simple makeshift mouth-and-nose protector (= BMNS). For size M you need a piece of 40 x 30 cm, for sizes L 50 x 40 cm.

Download instruction and graphic files

Covid-19 Signs: "Wash hands" + "Keep distance"

Here you will find templates for the quick creation of Covid-19 signs  made of various materials.

Detailed description and files for download

Acrylic door openers

Here you can find the files for acrylic door openers for non-commercial use. Together we can prevent the spread of the corona virus in our communities.

Download graphic files

PPE Ear Guards

Directions on how to create this adjustable ear guard to use with your PPE face mask

Download files

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