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About Sunshine Barossa.

Sunshine Barossa is a premium leather business based in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Owner and founder, Carol Dadds, is a huge enthusiast and admirer of leather goods and craft. Offering a range of high-quality and unique handcrafted leather goods, including wine menu covers, bottle carriers, knife rolls, aprons, cup holders, furniture, cushions, bags, wallets and more, Carol has attracted both local and international recognition with her remarkable creations.

Carol recently partnered with Trotec by purchasing a Speedy 360 and has not looked back since. As a laser machine owner, Carol is now able to process all jobs in-house, as opposed to outsourcing, and has thus witnessed exceptional business growth.

Advantages of a laser machine.

The purchase of a Trotec laser machine has presented Sunshine Barossa with a multitude of business opportunities. “Having an arty mind, it’s really nice having my own machine. When I have an idea, I can just come out into my studio and put it onto leather straight away,” says Carol. The Speedy 360 has made Carol’s life a lot easier as she is able to get jobs and orders done far more quickly and efficiently. “I can personalise anything and design individual bespoke items for businesses now that I have this Trotec machine.”

I used to do all the leather bracelets by hand. You can only imagine how long they would have taken. Now I have programmed it into the machine because I was selling so many and running out of stock all the time. It’s never ending what my machine can do.

Carol Dadds
Sunshine Barossa

Why Trotec?

Carol was recommended Trotec by several different wholesalers from whom she purchases leather goods from. She says the one thing that stood out was the stark difference in quality. “I chose Trotec because it was the best basically, and you can tell that really easily by just looking at the machine. It’s really solid and they last a very long time,” says Carol. Another important factor was the high-quality support and training offered by Trotec. “They don’t mind coming out here to help me and that is a big selling point.”

The machines you can tell are of a really high standard and the lasering that comes out is really high quality. What I do is already of high quality and that is why I wanted the best, and that’s what I think Trotec is, the best.

Carol Dadds
Sunshine Barossa

Industry leading Speedy 360

Carol was initially thinking of purchasing a Speedy 100 laser engraver, however given the scope of her work she decided to upgrade to a Speedy 360. The larger bed size and enhanced economic efficiency means Sunshine Barossa can keep up with the rapidly increasing demand. What’s more, the Speedy 360 also provides greater convenience as it can process large materials. “I can put the whole half hide of leather in the machine. With the 360 I can roll the leather up and put it underneath the bed so that no unnecessary cuts need to be made. The Speedy 360 really saves me time,” Carol notes.

To find out more information about Sunshine Barossa and to check out their range of exceptional creations, simply visit www.sunshinebarossa.com.au. You can also follow Carol on her Instagram and Facebook pages @sunshinebarossa.

I am feeling very confident about my future with Trotec. I know that the way my business is growing that I may have to upgrade my machine or get another machine. I love that I can continue to have training whenever I need to and I can send staff to get training as well, which is a real bonus when you are running a business.

Carol Dadds
Sunshine Barossa

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