Why is laser software Ruby® the best for education?

Its intuitive design and easy set-up make it perfect for teachers and students. With its seamless integration, collaborative features and networked capabilities, Ruby® is a must-have in all educational institutes.

Unhindered creativity

Ruby® lets students express their creativity, unhindered, with native support for popular third-party programs such as AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator. Students can import files such as pdf, svg, dxf, jpg, cdr, ai and png directly within Ruby®, and incorporate them into projects to further edit and modify. One platform to manage all creative projects.

Ruby® also comes packed with its own creative suite of tools, allowing students to go from design to concept all within one environment. Get creative with multiple DPI’s all within the one job, incredibly enhance the prototyping scope for in-depth materials assessment or utilise the built-in photo-tune to get superior photo engraving results every time.

Discover laser applications in education and schools

From the idea to the finished product in just four simple steps in one software.

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How do teachers and students benefit from Trotec laser with Ruby®?

Saving time for teachers, seamless and secure access for all and preparing students for industry are just a few of the benefits that make up the perfect combination of the Trotec laser and the Ruby® web-based platform.

Why Ruby® for teachers?
Why Ruby® for teachers?
Why Ruby® for teachers? - Anchor
Why Ruby® for students?
Why Ruby® for students?
Why Ruby® for students? - Anchor

Why Ruby® for teachers?

We are changing the way teachers and students work with lasers forever. Enhance your STEM curriculum with Ruby®.

Bringing the focus back to STEM curriculum

  • Ruby®makes rapid prototyping easy, allowing for more laser time per student, accelerating the development of their problem-solving skills.
  • A laser graphic design software that allows to create graphic, photo and text elements. Adjustments can be made quickly with the integrated workflow. No additional software skills are needed.
  • It needs minimal training affort and provides the right material parameters.

A teachers companion

  • Teachers see the entire process history of jobs created by students, with the further ability to seamlessly access files to make corrections or apply notes, or even duplicate and share with other students for collaboration or as a group exercise.
  • Ruby®allows laser operators to batch similar type jobs with ease to speed up laser processing. This saves time and makes work more efficient.

Seamless and secure access for all

  • Ruby®employs a powerful user management interface with permission and security protocols from file access through to material settings.
  • It allows students to stay connected with teachers whilst also learning at their own pace. Providing a safe environment to work individually or collaborate and help peers in real-time.

Why Ruby® for students?

Not only is Ruby® the new industry standard for commercial laser engravers, but the Ruby® platform itself develops valuable transferable skills including social collaboration and working independently utilising either solely the Ruby® platform or in conjunction with other industry-standard design suites such as Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD.

Increased process flexibility

Students have the creative freedom to incorporate design files from popular third-party sources including InkScape, SketchUp, AutoDesk Fusion 360, onShape and more.

In addition to the various import formats supported, Ruby® offers the game-changing ability to OPEN and EDIT Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD directly - without the need for expensive licenses.

Work in teams or individually

Being a networked platform, Ruby® seamlessly allows (and encourages) collaboration with other users across various devices. An art student can take a photo of their design using a mobile device and send it directly into Ruby® where another classmate can add the design to a laser engraved project. Similarly, the built-in design tools of Ruby® allow students to also work individually from design to concept.

Helping students succeed

What sets Ruby® apart from the rest is its ability to produce tangible outcomes in a fast turnaround. Facilitating the students creative process from idea to a tangible product.

Ruby® offers also safe environment to fail; offering as much or as little assistance as required. Ruby® can detect errors in jobs, and discard duplicate and overlapping lines if prompted, allowing for an accelerated learning of fundamentals.

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“Ruby® is very popular, the new software is much easier to use, the interface is prettier, and you don't need a second software to start the laser process anymore. We have been using Ruby® for about 6 months now and people are very happy with it!”

Michael Eckl
Host of Makerspace Grand Garage, Austria

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