acrylic sign laser cut

Laser Cutting for Sign Making

POP displays, digital printing

POP displays, digital printing

Digital finishing of printed materials with the laser

Extraordinary shapes for POP/POS displays, signs or neon signs make an end product more interesting and enhance its value. Only the creative "finishing" with a laser cutter turns a printed acrylic plate or a printed sheet of paper into a finished and thus sellable product. From simple rectangular advertising signs made of Plexiglas®, Perspex® or Altuglas® through to complex contours and marking – with Trotec laser cutters, everything is possible.

More products, more services, more value

Use laser contour cutting on printed quality materials and secure a competitive advantage. Offer new products and services and gain more profit by using a laser cutting during finishing.



Composite boards: polystyrene lightweight foamboards, Forex® (polystyrene)
Foils and films: polyester films, polycarbonate films, PET, adhesive films
Paper: cardboard, corrugated cardboard
Plastics: acrylic, PMMA, Plexiglas®, foam, polystyrene
Textiles: polyester, cotton, canvas, carpet
Wood: MDF / MDO, plywood, venee

acrylic panel laser engraving

Why Trotec

Easy data exchange

Import your data directly from your graphics or CAD software, and you are ready to start. Quick and easy work with all common file formats, such as e. g. .pdf, .eps or also .ai, is guaranteed.

Flexibility in the application and in the material

The laser beam is the universal "tool" for all geometries and material strengths. No matter whether rigid or flexible, hard or soft materials - you need only one tool for plastics, wood, composite panels, paper, foils/films or textiles, etc.

Incredible detail on paper

With laser technology, you can produce even the finest geometries with maximum precision. A cutting plotter cannot fulfill these demands. Impress your customers with new design options and set yourself apart from the competition. Not only cutting the most delicate paper shapes but even engraving of logos or pictures can be realized effortlessly.

No more cutting dies

As printed materials are cut absolutely accurately assisted by an optical detection system, no cutting dies are required. The laser is the more economical alternative, especially for small series of up to 1,000 pieces. The costs for the manufacture, maintenance and storage of cutting dies fall away.

Perfect cutting and engraving results

Precise axis drives and intelligent air flow of the Trotec laser cutting machines ensure that cutting results always turn out perfect. The systems show their strengths in particular when laser cutting acrylic and Plexiglas®. And thanks to low-reflection support aluminum lamellas, workpieces always turn out perfect. You neon or advertising display is thus guaranteed to make an impression!

Unbeatable on acrylic - no material after-treatment required

With crystal-clear cutting edges on transparent acrylic for signs or displays, cost- and time-intensive manual flame polishing is no longer necessary. Precise axis drives and intelligent air flow of the Trotec lasers ensure that cutting results are always perfect. And thanks to low-reflection support aluminum lamellas, workpieces always turn out perfect.

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